Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Here Comes the Sun

Began the morning with breakfast, another misty day, and Halloween Is Grinch Night. Thanks to a sour sweet wind, the Grinch is making his way down to Whoville in the hope of terrifying the community with his bizarre Paraphernalia Wagon. It's up to one inquisitive young Who that's lost in the mountains to keep the Grinch from making it down the mountain and reaching the town. 

Briefly went to the garage to try to fix my bike. Jodie pulled up just as I rolled it out on the driveway. She handed me latex gloves to keep from getting too greasy. In the end, getting the chain back on the gear took all of three minutes. I really need to tighten the chain, but I also need to find the right wrench to do it. That's going to have to wait a while. And of course, just as I went inside, the sun came out and it got warmer.

Worked on writing for a while after I got back inside. Mark Goodson, Gene's boss, really wishes he'd stay in one place, like Bill Cullen or Allen Ludden or the Nartz brothers. Gene reminds him that Bill Cullen has a lame leg and can't move around, Allen Ludden's dealing with a stronger format on Password, and Jack Nartz will be out of a job when the syndicated Concentration ends that fall. 

Mark points out an expensive painting he purchased at an auction in Beverly Hills depicting a fight onboard ships between US Naval officers and pirates. Now there were people who knew how to keep law and order, he tells Gene. Those officers did everything they could to cut down those ruthless marauders and save hundreds of innocent lives, he insists. They were men who knew how to play the game. Gene relates more to the pirates, who may have been bloodthirsty cutthroats, but were also normal people doing their (admittedly dirty) jobs. 

Broke for a quick lunch at noon. Went with the real Match Game '77 while I ate. Orson Bean's sporting a beard all this week, as he, goofy Joyce Builfant, and blonde bombshell Lynda Day George joined Gene and the regulars in trying to help the contestant answer "___ Hill" on the Audience Match.

Rose called me shortly after I finished lunch. She and Craig were taking their kids to Hershey Park's Halloween festivities this weekend and wanted to know if I could feed their cats on Friday. Sure! They'd leave everything on the table for me. I just had to put it out for the kitties. (Kitties actually being around optional. They like to hide. Kelsey apparently will be staying with Craig's parents.)

She also told me Jodie's going away for the next two weeks starting Friday to St. Augustine, Florida! Is she crazy? She and Dad did that every fall for years, but this is not the time to relive fond memories. If she must go to Florida to close up things for Dad, she should at least do it in the late winter or spring, when travel is hopefully better. 

Headed out shortly after it ended. Thankfully, there were no problems whatsoever this time. I got to and from work with absolutely no fuss. Work was on-and-off busy, a little bit more than yesterday thanks to this being the day of our 5% off Senior Discount. It slowed down enough by quarter of 7 for me to shut down without a relief.

Arrived home in time for most of Match Game PM. Changed and had scrambled eggs with Italian cheese, spinach, and mushrooms while David Doyle tried to figure out "___ Stadium" for a very southern contestant and everyone argued with the producer over the difference between sawdust and wood chips. The younger bowler challenger was ahead for most of Sale of the Century. While the woman put in a good showing towards the end, the champ just barely came back in the speed round and won. He didn't do nearly as well in the bonus round this time, though.

Finished the night online with the 1943 version of The Phantom of the Opera. I go further into the only musical in the Universal monster series at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

The Phantom of the Opera (1943)

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