Saturday, October 17, 2020

The Password Is "Harvest"

Kicked off an absolutely gorgeous day with breakfast and Jem on Tubi. In "Trick or Techrat," Jem and the Holograms are once again called on to help save a musical landmark from destruction. This time, it's an opera house owned by a retired magician that's intended for the wrecking ball. They agree to hold a concert to save the beautiful building on Halloween...but the Misfits are determined to have their own Halloween concert right across the street. When one of the Starlight Girls gets scared and runs off, Jem and the others go after her...but she's the one who learns what's really going on behind the scenes.

Doc McStuffins has a different type of Halloween scare in "Hallie Halloween." Doc's hippo nurse toy Hallie wanders off when she sees a trick-or-treater dressed as her and gets stuck on a witch's broom. Doc does manage to rescue her, but she's so traumatized by the incident, she won't go back out. Doc and the others remind her that if she stays with the group and sticks to the rules, she'll be fine. Plastic alligator Gustav is saying "Don't Fence Me In" when his head gets stuck in a fence. The others have to figure out ways to get him out without damaging him.

Headed out shortly after Doc ended. It was much too nice to sit inside all morning! The sky was radiant blue, the sun was high, the breeze was blowing, and it was chilly, but not freezing. Perfect day for a ride into Collingswood. I dodged a lot of cars and even more people riding bikes and pushing strollers down Beechwood and Lakeview. 

Made a quick stop at WaWa for money before hurrying across the street to the farm market. They were the busiest I'd seen them all year! I got in at 10:30, and some booths were already pretty close to sold out. Pumpkins are gone, but spinach is back, and I saw the first Brussels sprouts of the season. Picked up the sprouts, small apples, arugula for salads, grapes, and tomatoes. 

Went straight home via Newton Lake Park. I'm surprised they weren't busier, too. Golden sunshine sparkled on rippling green waters as weeds drying on the shore rustled in the breeze. Hints of wood smoke drifted from the homes across the street and behind Collingswood High School.

Came home in time for the second half of Split Second. Everyone was again neck and neck the whole episode. One of the women didn't pull ahead until the Countdown Round. Unlike the lady yesterday, she didn't find the car on the boards in the bonus round and opted to return. Match Game was the episode from 1976 from the other day where Charles took his shoe off to illustrate an answer, to the disgust of his buddy Brett next to him. 

(Oh, for those of you who are regular Buzzr watchers, apparently as of next month, Body Language will replace Split Second at 10 on weekday mornings, To Tell the Truth will replace What's My Line at 8:30, and some version of The Price Is Right - I'm guessing the black-and-white Bill Cullen one - will be on Saturday mornings at 10:30. Mixed feelings here. I really like Split Second, but Body Language is just as much fun, and may do better in the mornings as people get up and moving. Wish they'd just return to showing Truth and Line back-to-back again.)

Headed off to work right as Match Game ended. It wasn't bad when I came in, but it picked up around 2 and remained busy for the rest of the afternoon. I had long lines for much of the day and occasionally got pretty frustrated. 

Since there were other things I wanted to do tonight, I limited my grocery shopping to grabbing a few things I couldn't live without. I used up the last of the milk this morning and ran out of laundry detergent on Tuesday. The Acme was having a good sale on Nestle chips; I got three bags for $1.88 each. 

Mixed feelings on this week's schedule. On one hand, most of the week isn't terribly long...except that one 8 1/2 hour day on Wednesday when I'll be bagging again. Don't have off until Thursday, either, though I do get Thursday and Friday off, and I'll work too early next Saturday to make it to the farm market again.

Before I left for work, I threw together a lentil soup in my crock pot from various vegetables, spices, and chicken stock. Oh, yum! It tasted amazing when I got home, savory and nutty. Changed quickly and put everything away, then had dinner while watching the Tom Kennedy Password Plus Tribute Marathon on YouTube.

The same guy who posts the Match Game live chat premieres on YouTube and put together all those Match Game marathons in the spring strung together episodes of Password Plus and Super Password featuring that the late Tom Kennedy. He first turned up with Elaine Joyce (and a mustache) during a week in late 1979, when Allen Ludden was still hosting. He became the permanent replacement for Ludden in 1981, after Ludden was stricken with stomach cancer and became too sick to continue. In addition to the week where his game show host older brother Jack Narz appeared, memorable episodes on Tom's watch included Dick Martin making jokes of the use of "France" for "French" and Marcia Wallace fighting over the differences between "Harry" and "hairy." Kennedy made his last Password appearance on Super Password in 1987 with another legend, original Star Trek cast member Nichollete Nichols. 

The Password! Come along and see Tom's now-rare hosting stint on this show and honor one of the best game show hosts of the mid-20th century. 

Tom Kennedy Password Tribute Marathon

And here's the review for the Cannon Movie Tales version of Hansel & Gretel I watched last night.

Family Fun Saturday - Hansel & Gretel (1987)

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