Saturday, October 03, 2020

Of Kids and Harts

Started off a fast morning with breakfast and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood.  It's "Nighttime In the Neighborhood," and Daniel is excited that he and his friends get to have a pajama party at the library. He and his family take a look at all the different things around them that can only be seen at night as they walk there. When they arrive, X and Music Man Stan plays Musical Sleeping Bags with Daniel and the kids and reads them a book about Trolley traveling all over the world. The evening ends with the kids taking a late-night ride on Trolley, to their delight.

Disney Now has Halloween episodes of many Disney Junior shows on its app, including Doc McStuffins. Doc says "Boo-Hoo to You!" when she fixes the top of a motion-sensor ghost who is supposed to jump out of a pumpkin, then shows him that the other Halloween decorations are more nice than scary. "It's Glow Time," but Glo-Bo, Donny's glow-in-the-dark monster, won't glow. Doc takes him to her office for a check-up, eventually showing everyone that toys and humans need light, air, and exercise to stay healthy and keep their strength.

Rushed off to work shortly after the episode ended. Barely made it in time. Good thing, too. While it wasn't bad when I arrived, it got busier around noon and stayed that way up through around 4:30. There were some annoying customers, or ones I just didn't know how to handle, but for the most part, things went quickly and with no trouble.

Headed straight home after I finished. There were a lot of kids out and about today, mostly riding around the neighborhood in clusters on their bikes. No wonder. The weather was stunning and very fall-like, blue and gold and just warm enough. 

To my surprise, Jodie's porch was filled with kids bent over cell phones when I pulled in. Rose brought over Khai and Finley, and Khai invited over his buddies from the neighborhood to play an online multi-player game called Among Us. Jodie, Rose, and one of the moms was inside, chatting as Jodie chopped vegetables she intended to bring to Dana and Jesse's house tomorrow. Jesse apparently wants Dana to learn how to cook all his mother's best recipes, including her tomato sauce, and Jodie's going over there tomorrow to teach her.

Finley quickly got bored with cell phone games and decided she wanted to play with my stuffed animals instead. I brought her over to see my collection. We fed the Cabbage Patch Dolls the fake food that came with the "Picnic Chic" outfit yesterday and pretended to be their mommies. Finley really loves Luna, the black Webkinz cat - she looks just like her black kitty Toothless. We made her, Meowith, and Lady do cat and dog things.

After I brought Finley back to her mom, I returned to my side of the house to make dinner. Had leftovers while watching another Hart to Hart episode on YouTube. Jennifer and Johnathan have to be "Harts On Their Toes" when a Russian ballet dancer is accused of killing another member of his troupe. On top of that, he's desperately in love with an American ballerina and wants to defect. The Harts try to give him asylum while finding out who the real killer is, and what the KGB did with the body.

Finished the night on Amazon Prime with A Troll In Central Park. I go further into this rather cutesy Don Bluth movie at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

Animation Celebration Saturday - A Troll In Central Park

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