Wednesday, October 07, 2020

Mall In the Fall

Began a gorgeous morning with breakfast and Blockbusters.  The former member of the All-American Women's Baseball League just keeps striking out the competition. She easily got through a pair of brothers this morning, then beat the Gold Rush round after missing two in the beginning. Two sisters were her next challengers; she made short work of them as the episode ended.

Ran three cartoons on the Classic Cartoons Roku app as I got organized. "Small Fry" is a little fish who wants to be a big tuna amongst the local tough guys. They say he can be a "big fry" if he survives an initiation in a cave...but the scares among the coral prove to be more than he can handle. Mischievous toddler "Little Lambkins" loves living with his animal buddies in the country. He throws a tantrum when his parents insist on moving to a fancy new city apartment and finds a way to cross the wires and make them leave. "The Cobweb Hotel" is hardly the ideal honeymoon spot for insects. It's really a way for a spider to trap unsuspecting flies in his web. A fly couple have to find their way out, before they end up being his next meal.

Rose and Craig arrived on my doorstep just as I was about to grab my purse. Rose found a dresser for me a few days ago and wanted to bring it while she and Craig had the chance. It's a beauty, too. It's taller and slightly wider than my old one, but not that much. Unlike the plywood-and-plastic dresser I picked up from Manor Avenue, this one is all wood, with heavy metal handles and criss-cross carvings on the top two drawers. Rose and Craig didn't have the time to get it in all the way. They left it in the middle of my bedroom until they could come back and help me get it in on Sunday.

Left for the Cherry Hill Mall shortly after they headed out. As I did last month when I had my doctor's appointment, I opted to take Uber there and the bus back. Uber gets me faster (and likely safer in a pandemic), but the bus is cheaper (especially during rush hour). At any rate, the Uber driver was a pleasant fellow who played New Age music as we drove down the quiet highways, past a shopping center I'd never seen before, going the back way to the mall. He dropped me off near the back entrance to the Express clothing store.

I mainly went to the mall for clothes. More specifically, I went for bras. I didn't want to order them online. JCPenney's having a buy-one, get-one sale on bras. Got the two-for-one, plus a Platex and another brand. Also found a blue-print blouse for less than two dollars and a half-price pair of jean shorts. (My old jean shorts frayed on the underside.)

There wasn't really much I needed in the rest of the mall. Bought a cute flower-print blouse and a black t-shirt for my black cat costume at Old Navy. Found a pair of New Balance sneakers labeled as being 45 dollars at Famous Footwear; to my delight, they rang up $39.99. Peeked at Go! Games, The Disney Store, and GameStop, but found nothing of interest. Build-a-Bear is appointment-only and isn't allowing casual browsing at the moment.

Spent less than three hours at the mall. I arrived around 12:30 and was outside waiting for the bus by 2:30. The bus arrived right on time, and once again, there was no traffic anywhere, not even on Cuthbert or around the Garden State Plaza big-box mall.

Stopped at WaWa to do something for lunch. I probably could have eaten at the mall, but I wanted to be in and out. Not to mention, even if eating in restaurants were recommended at the moment, most of the food sold in malls tends to be of the junk food variety. I picked up a kale salad with sunflower seeds, chicken chunks, and cranberries and a French Toast Smoothie instead. (The latter really did taste like French toast, sweet and cinnamony.)

As soon as I got home, I dropped everything and headed for the garage. I gave up trying to get my bike seat back together yesterday after all the trouble it caused. Ironically, it took me less than ten minutes to get it all together and tightened today. I guess I needed time to calm down.

Had the salad for lunch while watching Tattletales. Gossip queen Rona Barrett and her husband were the big winners this time, despite everyone missing a question about half-way through involving how the women think the guys are like little boys. Press Your Luck was even more exciting. The two ladies dominated the game; in the end, the winner was a woman who had been on the show before, but lost due to technical difficulties. This time, she hit no Whammies and walked away with a stereo.

Rose told me to leave the dresser until Sunday, took up a good chunk of the middle of the bedroom. There was no way I could leave it sitting there for five days. Though it made my bad arm sore and scratched the floor in front of the bedroom closet, I got it in the space and the old dresser outside. It looks so much better, and holds slightly more clothes, too. My dolls aren't bunched up on the top anymore.

Went into writing after that. The light from the princesses' magic and everyone's love not only destroys Malade, it restores the damage she and the others did to Password Palace, too. It also restores people - the trolls and demons are human again, and plants can grow in the courtyard rock garden. 

Broke for dinner at quarter of 7. Had a quick fruit smoothie and peanut butter-stuffed celery sticks while watching Match Game '74. Fannie Flagg, Adrianne Barbeau, and Bobby Van joined the regulars and Gary Burghoff for jokes about Fannie's "Mystery Guest" t-shirt. The Match Game PM episode was one of my favorites of the night-time shows. Puppets Kukla and Ollie became the first non-humans to appear on Match Game. Not only did Brett happily flirt with them, they got to witness a big 20,000 win with Eva Gabor.

Sale of the Century got almost as wild. The champ was ahead for most of the round, until she bought a beautiful amethyst necklace in the last Instant Bargain. It proved to be her undoing. She lost to the older woman challenger by two dollars. The lady won a trip to Jamaica on the prize board. She said she'd been there before, loved it, and would happily go again.

Finished the night after a shower with episodes from three Disney cartoon series of the 90's and early 2000's on Disney Plus. Recess involved the adventures of a band of typical misfits as they tried to make their outdoor activities at school even more fun. Vince, the group jock, claims "I Will Kick No More Forever" after one of the girls from the snobbish "Ashleys" clique out-kick him. His friends do everything they can to try and get his confidence back. The gang is convinced that a little kid eating a peanut butter sandwich and is hanging around them brings bad luck. They do everything they can to shake him, but "The Kid Came Back."

Tale Spin occasionally drifted into Indiana Jones territory, as in "Waiders of the Wost Twesure." Baloo the Bear competes with hippo pilot Plane Jane to see who can find the Wuby...uh, Ruby Wings belonging to Princess Grace of Walla Walla Bing Bang first. She needs to find them to claim her throne from the dastardly Prince Rudolph, who'll do whatever he can to stop the duo!

Darkwing Duck traded Indiana Jones adventures for satires of Batman and other deep-dark superhero stories of the early and mid 90's. Began with the first regular episode, "Beauty and the Beet." Dr. Reginald Bushroot was once a mild-mannered, plant-loving scientist who hoped merging ducks with plant-life would solve all the world's hunger problems. When his colleagues make fun of his theories, he tests them on himself, turning himself into a half-duck, half-plant mutant. Darkwing and Launchpad enter the scene after he attacks his former lab. Darkwing is hoping Bushroot's beautiful colleague will be able to talk some sense into him, but he'd rather try to turn her into a plant as well!

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