Thursday, October 08, 2020

Blue and Gold Autumn

Started off the day with breakfast and more spooky Winnie the Pooh. Piglet wants to make his horror story "The Monster Frankenpooh" into a not-so-scary story, but Tigger ramps up the scares, turning Pooh into a honey-hunting giant! Piglet freaks out again when he hears "Things That Go Bump In the Night" and rushes out of his house. While the others investigate the noises, Tigger helps Eeyore learn to swing. After an accident with popcorn on a campout, Piglet and Pooh think they've landed on "Pooh Moon." The others are convinced they were abducted by the "Grab-Me Gotcha" and must be rescued.

Went into writing even before the episode ended. While Allen nuzzles his wife's neck, the rest of their kingdom revels in Malade's spells dissolving along with the last of her. The two fairies are restored to their actual forms, as are Sir Gautier and Walden. Sir Dick Martin kisses his wife Dolly who was turned to stone, restoring both of them. Gene sends the remaining three wizards into the crowds to kiss their wives. Brett makes the statue of Prince Jack (Klugman) appear and kisses him, only to get yelled at for not doing it sooner. Everyone in the ballroom who was turned to stone joins the others outside, now able to move again.

As soon as I got off, I changed and headed out. Work wasn't bad when I came in, but it was off-and-on busy for the rest of the day.  There were a couple of difficult customers, including one order where there was a lot of trouble with the food stamps and we had to take off half the items and hold up the line. I always end up feeling so guilty after that, even when people say I shouldn't. There were a few times we got really busy and didn't have enough help to deal with crowds, too. Thankfully, it slowed down enough by the time I shut down for me to leave without a relief.

Took the long way home down Nicholson Road, dodging traffic around the shopping center. Despite it being rush hour, the weather was too beautiful to rush home. It was an absolutely gorgeous golden fall evening, with the sun throwing a warm glow over the dry leaves and roadside wildflowers. No wonder there were so many people out for walks or riding their bikes in Oaklyn! I passed folks strolling in twos, with friends or children, on Atlantic and Newton as I headed towards my place.

As soon as I got home, I changed and started dinner. Kept things simple with a tasty crusted salmon fillet and sautéed tomatoes and spinach. Watched Match Game '74 while I ate. For some reason, Buzzr jumped back to earlier in the year, when Charles was still on the panel. Raucous Kaye Stevens of the noisy laugh, Elaine Joyce, and Larry Blyden of What's My Line? joins Gene and the regulars for jokes about "Buddy ___" and what Christopher Columbus really is. Bert Convy showed up in a contestant's lap in the second episode to promote the then-just-started Tattletales

Match Game PM was almost as noisy, what with a bearded Bill Daily eating his bad answer and shedding most of his suit and Patti Deustch giving her answers sans her usual bangs. Sale of the Century was also pretty exciting. No one was that far ahead for most of the game, and everyone won something...until the older woman champ killed in the Speed Round. She picked up a gift certificate for a big shopping spree on the Match the Prizes board.

Made Pumpkin Cookies while the game shows were on. This is another simple one-bowl recipe from the cookbook Lauren gave me a few years ago. Yum! They came out perfectly, moist and chewy morsels of fall.

Moved on to Talent Scout on the Watch TCM app after I did the dishes. I go further into this rare Warners "B" musical from the 30's at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Talent Scout

Finished out the night on YouTube. I recently discovered someone's been posting episodes of The Love Boat. I thought this show was so cheesy as a kid, but now I enjoy the kitsch...especially since I recognize most of the actors involved, like in this episode from the second season. "Where Is It Written?" has a neglectful publisher (Gene Barry) and his lush of a writer (Richard Mulligan) competing for the publisher's wife (Hope Lange) after her husband spends more time onboard reading a manuscript than with her. Julie, the ship's activities director, would rather not direct the activities for Captain Stubling's amorous uncle (Red Buttons). Gopher the pursuer poses as her aunt to help get rid of him. A businessman (Allen Ludden) wants his daughter (MacKenzie Phillips) to help him make "The Big Deal" and court the businessman  he's after, but her boyfriend is none-too-pleased with the arrangement. 

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