Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Dolls on a Windy Day

Was up late last night checking out the big deals on Amazon's Prime Day. I slept so long, it was noon before I made my Pineapple Pancakes and put on Match Game. Gene had problems with the toaster-thing that held his answers in the first episode. It refused to stand, and he forgot he grabbed the questions before it fell down again. The set behaved better in the second episode, but Gene didn't. He tried carrying teeny-tiny Sarah Kennedy around. The panel had even less luck with the Audience Match for "Kick ___." 

Opened two packages after lunch. I've wanted more True Value Happy Holidays Christmas CDs and records for quite a while. Mom picked up Happy Holidays Vol. 23 when it debuted in 1988. It was the first time I heard Bing Crosby sing "White Christmas" somewhere other than on the radio. Found it still in its original wrapping on eBay, bundled with Happy Holidays Vol. 22 from 1987. Grabbed the CD for Vol. 27, the one that came out the year before I started collecting, as well. 

Finally hurried out to do the laundry around quarter after one...and had to run home as soon as I got to the laundromat and realized I forgot the money for the machines. On my way back, I noticed a mail box on the White Horse Pike near the former bank and dropped my birthday card for Amanda in there. After I finally got the washer going, I ran to Family Dollar for another binder and a journal (mine ended today), then made a short trip to Family Dollar for a pretzel and a Banana Smoothie. 

Worked on story notes while my clothes were in the dryer. It probably wasn't the best day to be sitting outside, but the laundromat was busy and I didn't feel like being around tons of people. It showered lightly on my way to the laundromat, but by the time I sat down, the rain was long gone. While it still felt a bit warm and humid, the heavy cool wind kept it from feeling a lot worse. Though the sun tried to come out at one point, it remained cloudy and would for most of the day. 

Got in just in time for Tattletales. I believe I saw this episode before. The surprising big winners were notorious tough guy Robert Blake and his (then) wife Sondra, over Nancy Sinatra and her stoic husband Hugh Lambert and Carolyn Jones and goofy Orson Bean. Things got a lot noisier on Press Your Luck. One of the two women Whammied out late in the second round. It came down to the guy and the previous champ; she ended up winning by a bar and game table. 

Spent the next hour and a half dressing the dolls for cooler fall weather. Ariel wears the Our Generation Retro "Ready to Get Preppy" 60's/70's style outfit with the coral knit vest and comfy brown-plaid skirt. Felicity gets her current blue and yellow meet outfit with the "quilted" panel and the brown buckle shoes. (At least she finally has another pair of shoes!) Samantha's in her blue checked Play Outfit and Pinafore with white stockings and high button boots. Molly's borrowed Kit's original meet outfit with the flowered skirt and lavender sweater set. Whitney also gets an Our Generation Retro outfit, the purple checked version of "Sweet Memories" (worn with a white Springfield Collection sweater because I couldn't find the jacket that went with the outfit) and shiny purple strap shoes. Josefina is in her current meet outfit with the bright crimson and blue skirt. Jessa sports a cute Our Generation purple cat-print sweater, a pair of khaki cargo pants, loafers, and Molly's thick bobby socks.

Worked on writing for an hour after I finally finished with the dolls. Allen calls up the seven wizards next. He wants them to remain as his advisers. Bill Cullen says he's retiring. He's happier with his bookshop in Villenveuve. The Narz brothers and Peter Marshall explain how they were lured and attacked by Malade, who drained their magic and controlled their minds. Gene and the remaining wizards pretended to be on Malade's side to save their loved ones and stay at the castle.

Broke for dinner at 7. Gene decided on Match Game PM that he needed to sit on Brianne Leary's lap to read Bill Daily a question, but Brianne didn't think that was such a hot idea! Sale of the Century was even wilder. No one got ahead of each other, and the champ was behind for most of the game. She finally won when the man made a mistake and Jim Perry got flustered with a question in the Speed Round. (The man didn't look happy about it at all.) She finally earned a furniture shopping spree in the Match the Prizes round.

Finished the night with Lili on the Watch TCM app. I go further into this whimsical romantic drama with Leslie Caron, Mel Ferrer, and four charming puppets at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.


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