Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Cloudy Days and Pink Sunsets

Began a cloudy, wet morning with Honeynut Squash Pancakes and Garfield's Halloween Adventure. Garfield and Odie are excited to dress as pirates and go trick-or-treating, at least until Garfield's desire for more candy ends with them stranded on a deserted island. Turns out the island was the home of pirates who buried their treasure there...and every year on Halloween night, their ghosts return to protect it. Garfield and Odie have to evade the ghosts and get home, before they lose a lot more than their candy haul!

Let Split Second run while I cleaned up from breakfast. It was a tight race today, with two contestants tying at the end of the main rounds for the second day in a row. This time, a young doctor came from behind to win the Countdown Round. He didn't do any better finding the car than his predecessor and opted to return.

Was a bit surprised to see a busy garage when I went to get my bike and a red truck in the driveway. Mark and a friend of his agreed to help Jodie clear all of Dad and Uncle Ken's junk out of the garage. Garages, actually. I didn't realize there were a larger garage - the one where I put my bike - and a smaller room. 

First stop after leaving them was a quick run to the post office. Lauren's birthday was yesterday, and I wanted to get her present out. Thankfully, the only other person there besides the cashier and me was a man vacuuming the floor. I sent the package and went back out.

The laundromat was very busy when I arrived. I took a front-loading washing machine that ran for less time than most of the others, since I had to work later. Ran quickly to WaWa for a chocolate banana smoothie before returning to dump everything in the drier. It sprinkled slightly while I sat outside and worked on story notes, but nothing that really amounted to much.

Put the laundry away while watching another Halloween-themed episode of The Cat In the Hat Knows a Lot About That. Sally doesn't know what her favorite smell is, so the Cat takes the kids to visit his friend Whiffy the Skunk for a game of "Smell and Seek." Whiffy may like smells that human's aren't too fond of (like rotting logs) and use his own stench to scare away predators, but Sally decides she'd rather have a pleasant smell. The kids want to make their Halloween masks scarier, so the Cat takes them to visit Aiya the "Aye Aye!," a big-eyed monkey-like creature with long fingernails and huge ears. He may look weird, but those features help him to find food in the jungle.

Switched to Match Game '77 as I had lunch and got ready for work. Ron Palillo of Welcome Back Kotter and a pair of Pattys, Duke and Deustch, joined Gene and the regulars for a couple of very strange questions. One involving what a poor man's brother didn't get until he was 28, had a few racy answers that I'm surprised made it past the censors. 

Headed out to work shortly after the show ended. Work was on-and-off busy, but otherwise the same as yesterday - a bit of a pain. We're still having trouble explaining the online sales to many of our customers. Either they signed up to get the big sales without any idea of how to actually use the app, or they're technology-phobic and refuse to touch anything that involves cell phones. I had a very hard time trying to explain it all to them. Not to mention, my relief was late getting in, making me almost-late. At least the sun was out by the time I finished, revealing a gorgeous pink sunset.

Went straight home as quickly as I possibly could. Watched Match Game '74 while enjoying leftover burgers, honeynut squash, and a salad with tomatoes and mixed greens for dinner. Comedienne Jo Ann Worley of Laugh-In marked her first appearance on the show, joining Pat Harrington and Nipsey Russell doing very well sitting in for Charles. Brett didn't have as much luck on the Head-to-Head Round in Match Game PM, but Joyce Bulifant was on a roll! She's notorious for not matching, but she got both the questions she wrote for right as well as being right in both Audience Matches.

This time, Sale of the Century was a more evenly-matched game. The women were neck-and-neck for most of the show, with the one male contestant not that far behind. The champ finally jumped ahead in the Speed Round to barely win. She picked up a lovely ruby and diamond ring on the Match the Prizes board.

Dug into the vintage Betty Crocker Picture Cookbook Mom gave me in college for a simple cake recipe. Came up with what they called "Inexpensive Sponge Cake," a simple cake made with butter melted in hot milk. I added orange flavoring and orange peel to make it Orange Sponge Cake. One of the things I like about the Picture Cookbook is it gives amounts to make a smaller cake as well as large layer ones. I went with the square pan version. Oh, yum! It tasted perfect when it came out of the oven, sweet and citrusy, and smelled delightful.

Watched The Devil's Carnival online after a shower. I go further into the first horror musical review of the Halloween season at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

The Devil's Carnival

Finished the night on Disney Plus with the Halloween episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. "Mickey's Treat" is a trip to the Trick or Treat Tower for Pete's big Halloween party. The gang first has to find a shield for Goofy's knight costume, then figure out their way down the path to the tower and how to get in. 

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