Friday, October 02, 2020

A Beautiful October

Slept in a little and got a fast start with breakfast and Split Second. This morning's game was a nail-biter. If the champion won, he'd get the car outright. One of the women got ahead of him, and remained that way for most of the game, with the other close behind. It wasn't until the Countdown Round that he pulled ahead and won the game and the car on the last question. The older lady champ on Blockbusters just revealed that she used to be a real-life player in the All-American Women's Baseball League as I dashed out the door. 

Work was on-and-off steady, not as bad as I assumed it would be at the beginning of the month. I shelved a little candy and worked on my newest story idea in the morning; by noon, it picked up enough that there was a long line. By the time I finished, it died again. I shut down easily with no line and no trouble.

Mixed feelings on my schedule next week. In good news, a lot more hours. I do wish my next day off was earlier than Tuesday, but I also get Tuesday and Wednesday off. 

I didn't have that much I needed for groceries this week, but there were a few expensive items. I could only find the organic whole wheat flour; the regular whole wheat flour was on sale and sold out. Found large cans of mandarin oranges on clearance and grabbed two. Replaced hair bands (which I bought last year, I believe, or early this year). Restocked conditioner, soap, bananas, milk, hot and cold cereal, grapes, apples, vanilla, brown sugar, and yogurt.

Went straight home after that. By the time I got in, the 6 PM Match Game was on. I changed and put things away while listening to the first show. Announcer Gene Wood and Amanda Blake of Gunsmoke continued their run continued their run with jokes about Brett being fed up with constantly hearing the buzzer (and what the sound department played instead), what a nurse found in Dr. Welby's closet, and the many answers for "Moving ___." In the second, Gary Burghoff got intimate with the mannequin used to check color levels and and Gene Wood showed off his plaid jacket.

Unwrapped two more packages after I got everything into cupboards. The first was another Our Generation Retro outfit, this one for either Whitney or Ariel. It's supposed to be a picnic outfit, but the white lace jacket and shiny sapphire blue skirt are too nice to eat in the grass! Got rid of the vinyl sandals. Unless the shoes are supposed to be plastic Crocs or jellies, I don't keep them. I want real fabric shoes for my dolls. The play food that came with the outfit went on the Cabbies' doll table. Also picked up the "meet" outfit for the most recent version of Felicity, a bold blue and yellow brocade gown with brown shoes. 

They were on Match Game PM by the time I had leftovers in the oven. This episode featured one of my favorite contestants of the nighttime run, an adorable little older fellow who called himself Tiger. Even the young woman contestant next to him thought he was so cute, she joked they were getting engaged after the show. The girl herself was pretty fun, too. She ended up winning big money with the help of David "Bosley" Doyle.

Sale of the Century didn't get quite that frisky. The woman contestant did have some competition today, generally from the one gentleman...but she bought an Instant Bargain near the end and still managed to kill in the bonus round. This time, she picked up a pair of bright red motor scooters on the match the prize board.

Put up the Halloween decorations while Sale of the Century was on. Didn't use some of the cardboard cut-outs. A few went on windows, but there are other windows I like to see out of, and I'm not taping anything on Jodie's freshly-painted walls. Everything else went out. The witch scarecrow and her stuffed cauldron are in the window of my bedroom. The resin and porcelain teddies dressed as witches went on the table with the other collectible bears. The stuffed animals and Beanie Babies went in the living room and the shelves in the hall. All the Halloween Happy Meal toys are on the entertainment center.

Finished the night before the Match Game syndicated premiere with Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein on Amazon Prime. Chick Young (Bud Abbott) and Wilbur Gray (Lou Costello) are baggage clerks in a Florida town. They deliver suspicious-looking crates to the local museum. One contains Dracula's coffin...and as it turns out, Dracula (Bela Lugosi), too. The other holds the Frankenstein monster (Glenn Strange). When both escape, Wilbur and Bud are accused of stealing them.

That turns out to be the least of their problems. Dracula wants Dr. Sandra Mornay (Lenore Aubert) to give the monster a more obediant brain...and Wilbur's is perfect. She's not the only woman after Wilbur, either. The insurance agency sends their agent Joan Raymond (Jane Randolph) after them to figure out where they hid the museum's monsters. There's also Larry Talbot (Lon Chaney Jr.), who keeps turning into a werewolf before he can warn the guys about Dracula's intentions. Wilbur thinks he's suddenly become popular with the ladies, at least until Dracula hypnotizes him and the women and drags them all down to Dr. Mornay's island castle. Now the two have to escape Dracula and the doctor's fiendish house of horrors, or they'll end up losing what very little brains they have.

I watch this one every year early in October. Widely considered to be one of, if not the best of Abbott and Costello's feature films, it's a deft mix of scares and laughs with some surprisingly good performances, especially from Lugosi Chaney reprising their signature roles. I also love that the agent and the mad scientist were women - you don't see that often in horror movies. Highly recommended for fans of Abbott and Costello or classic comedy. 

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