Monday, September 14, 2020

Of Muppets and Harts

My cell phone woke me up around 8 AM. It was one of the managers at the Acme. Could I come in two hours early on Thursday? One of the older women who work in the morning called out. I doubted we'd be remotely busy, but the extra two hours wouldn't hurt.

Went back to sleep, intending to get up in about an hour...but I ended up sleeping for two. Blockbusters was ending by the time I got to breakfast. We had a woman going up against a sister-brother pair, and it looked like she was winning as the game ended. Match Game-Hollywood Squares Hour started off with a great panel that included erudite Leonard Fry, cool older lady Nedra Volz, sassy Lois Hamilton, and one of my favorite semi-regulars, author Fannie Flagg.

Started writing around quarter after 11. One of Malade's demons, a Sir Peter Marshall, brings Della to her, while Malade herself collars Fannie and drains both of their magic. Brett and Charles have to figure out how to keep the same from happening to the remaining princesses and their queen!

Broke for a quick lunch at 1. Watched Muppet Babies while I ate a salad and leftover lasagna for lunch. Fozzie is "The Karate Cub" when he decides he wants to join Camilla's "Camilla-rate" club. He goes to Piggy to learn "Camilla-rate," but finds it to be too hard and gives up easily. Piggy and the others encourage him to keep practicing. Rolf the Dog turns up to remind Piggy "Don't Over Duet" when she strains her voice before they're supposed to sing for Nanny's birthday. The others take a Fantastic Voyage inside Piggy to find her missing voice box.

Headed out shortly after Muppet Babies ended. I left so early, I had enough time to buy milk before work and put it in the employee mini-fridge in the back for later. As it turned out, we weren't really that busy anyway. It got a little busy during the 3 PM-4PM rush hour. Otherwise, we were dead almost the entire evening. I spent a lot of the time working on story notes.

Changed and had yogurt and fruit for dinner while watching Concentration. Two women played today; the younger with the big Afro absolutely killed, getting every puzzle right but one and racking up some fairly impressive prizes, including a vacation. She just couldn't get the bonus round ones right, though.

Finished the night online after a shower with another episode of Hart to Hart on The Roku Channel. The second season kicks off with "Murder, Murder On the Wall." Johnathan and Jennifer meet an old friend of Jennifer's in New York. She just got married and offers to have lunch and introduce them to her new husband. He's handsome and charming, but he also runs out in the middle of the meal. The Harts take the abandoned bride back to California, where they discovered the man was killed by the two partners who helped him rob a bank. His partners think Jennifer is the bride who knows where the money is...but they may not be the only ones after it.

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