Tuesday, December 21, 2021

A Very Kitty Holiday

Kicked off a quick morning with packing and Mickey and Minnie Wish Upon a Christmas at Disney Now. Micky and the gang are skiing in the French Alps, but they're looking forward to heading home to Hot Dog Hills for their usual Christmas together listening to Mickey read stories and watching Donald short out the neighborhood light grid. Donald's not happy about doing the same old thing and wants some excitement in his Christmas. After a mysterious old gentleman tells Minnie and Donald to make a wish, Donald gets his wish and ends up at a tropical paradise. The others are less happy to be separated around the world, and it'll take a lot of traveling - and a bit of Christmas magic - to get them back together. 

I dragged everything out by 8 AM, all of my bags, the bin with the American Girl dolls I wanted to take to Rose's for safekeeping, my little tree, and everything for Rose's family. Rose arrived shortly after with Finley happily showing off her new booster seat. We loaded up the car, and they dropped me off at work.

Work was off-and-on busy, but when we did have customers, we had a lot more than yesterday. Not only did the Eagles play tonight, but today is Senior Discount Day at the Acme, too. At least everyone was in a good mood and the lines moved fast. It slowed down enough by 3:30 for me to get out on time. 

Took a few minutes to find an Uber driver just as rush hour began, but I did manage to get back to Hillcrest by almost 4. I didn't want to linger there. I picked up a few things I left at the house earlier (including a card from my friend Kelly Conrad), grabbed the bike, and hurried over to Rose's. 

Took a half-hour or so to explore and feed the cats. Or the cat. I never saw Toothless at all today. I looked all over, including upstairs, but I couldn't find her. Big gray striped Lynx with the curly tail had no trouble eating on time, though. (I was also annoyed to notice that Rose left the bags I gave her to take to Maine. Either she forgot, or thought they were for later.)

After I changed and got the laptop hooked up to Rose's internet, I worked on writing. A little voice that sounds distinctly like Joyce Bulifant keeps buzzing in Brett's ear. She knows how to checkmate and find the White King's castle. Brett wishes she'd get on with it, instead of going on and on.

Broke at 6:30 for dinner and Match Game '74. Rose left me a plate from last night. After I figured out the microwave, I had mashed potatoes, grilled chicken, and steamed broccoli cuddled in the big leather chair. Meanwhile, everyone had a great time making jokes about what kind of guy would propose to Brett (Richard and the contestant had the best answers) and what President Nixon stuffed the turkey with that year. 

Lynx joined me and let me give him belly rubs while Match Game PM was on. It was a great episode for Lynx's first show, too. It started wild, with Gene sitting on the steps and staring through a box with eyeholes. Later on, Marcia Wallace's answer to where Unlucky Louie lost 10 inches off gets a rare "Oops" graphic covering it. Richard has more luck answering "__ Paper" on the Audience Match. 

Returned to Khai's room after Lynx had enough to finish off the night at Amazon Prime with A Christmas Story Live! I go into this musical version of the popular 1983 Christmas comedy at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

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