Friday, December 31, 2021

Have a Matching New Year!

Began the last day of 2021 with reading Christmas and New Year's stories from Christmas With Anne and writing in my journal. It was past 11:30 when I had breakfast and put on Happy New Year, Charlie Brown! Chuck's stuck reading War & Peace for a book report over Christmas break. What he really wants to do is invite the Little Red Haired Girl to Peppermint Patty's New Year's Eve party. Peppermint Patty wishes he'd be her date, Lucy's turned down by Schroder, and Sally is convinced Linus will ask her. 

Headed out to run errands after the show ended. It was chilly and gray, though not freezing, maybe even a tad warm for late December. Needed to pick up a few things at Dollar General I either forgot to order from Acme yesterday, or couldn't get. This time, I did find the cold medicine I wanted, and throat lozenges, too. Mandarin orange cups and rubbing alcohol are cheaper there. Forgot more Jell-O and sparkling grape juice yesterday. No heavy cream, so no Whipped Syllabub, but at least I'll have something bubbly. Treated myself to two paperback mysteries, since I got no books for Christmas.

Phone rang while I strolled home. It was Rose. Turns out, while Finley doesn't have the virus, everyone else at the house is now sick. Rose is canceling the New Year's Day party she planned for tomorrow. That's fine. Not only do I have work, but I'm not exactly feeling 100 percent myself. 

When I got home, I put everything away, then went straight into Sam Mitchell's New Year's Eve Marathon. This one revolved around various versions of the Pyramid franchise. I came in to see Mary Cadorette and Henry Polic III helping their contestants climb the $100,000 Pyramid in 1986. I only saw one person get through the Winner's Circle, and it was Mary's excellent lady. She gave great clues, too, winning money and a trip. 

Celebrate your New Year's climbing Pyramids with celebrities and players alike!

After the marathon ended, I made a winter fruit smoothie for lunch, then made snickerdoodles and cranberry sauce and rested for a while. Watched Holiday Inn while I worked and laid on the couch. I go further into this classic Bing Crosby/Fred Astaire vehicle at this entry from my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog from New Year's Day 2019. 

Went into writing next. Joyce the gnat buzzes around everyone's ears as they recover from jumping off the train. She wants to continue her conversation with Brett and asks everyone how they feel about insects. Brett admits she's not normally fond of them. Joyce goes on to explain how different insects are in Looking Glass Land, from rocking-horse flies to snap-dragon flies that resemble plum puddings. 

Broke to make dinner at 6:30. Couldn't pass up a classic Match Game '74 episode. Robert Morse does an ape imitation to help a contestant figure out a question about what happened to Robinson Crusoe's man Friday after he stuffed fruit in his ear. Even when she gave "going ape" as her answer, everyone kept giving every other variation on "going crazy," including bananas and crackers, and getting so annoyed the episode almost ended in a riot. 

Had a delicious dinner of baked sweet potato, roasted turkey London broil, and steamed broccoli while watching Rudolph's Shiny New Year. I went further into the second Rankin-Bass Rudolph special at my New Year's Eve review from 2019.

Finished the night online after a shower with more Match Game. Every year, they celebrated the changing of their sign with balloons, hats, and confetti in the end (or beginning, in 1977) of the episode. Charles popped a giant balloon in 1975 that revealed a smaller 1976 balloon inside. In 1976, a giant paper mache eagle dropped a 1977 egg, and head producer Mark Goodson came out to praise the job everyone did and wish them all a Happy New Year.

Here's the Match Game Productions New Year's Eve marathon from 2019! And yes, I did watch this partially in honor of Betty White, who finally passed on and went to spend New Year's with her beloved Allen Ludden yesterday. I'll be doing more in her honor on Sunday!

Squeaked one more episode in before the fireworks went off. Charles Nelson Reilly hosted the introduction to the final episode of the syndicated series on Game Show Network on New Year's Eve in 1999. He dedicated it to Gene Rayburn, who passed away a month and a half before this episode aired...but I now dedicate it to Charles, Brett (both of whom died in 2007), and Betty too.

And here's hoping you have a safe and far happier 2022, matching with all the people you love!

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