Saturday, December 11, 2021

Rainy Holidays

Started off the morning with breakfast and two holiday sitcom episodes. Did "The Christmas Show" from The Monkees in honor of lead guitarist and singer Mike Nesmith's death on Thursday. Mike and the boys think they're performing for a rich woman's Christmas party, but they're really saddled with taking care of her grumpy nephew. The bitter kid is down on the Christmas spirit and resists all the guys' attempts to show it to him...until Mike realizes what he really wants. 

Eddie Mekka, Carmine on Laverne & Shirley, also passed away this week. In "Oh Hear the Angel Voices," he convinces most of the show's regulars to perform for patients in a hospital on Christmas. Shirley is horrified when she learns it's a mental hospital. She's heard a few too many stories from relatives about who ends up there. Laverne's too busy flirting with a rich patient to care much. 

Headed off to the post office the second Laverne & Shirley ended. Wanted to get Mom and Anny's Christmas boxes in the mail. I usually wait until Christmas week to send them, but not only am I not going to be home Christmas week, I don't trust the mail after several packages took a long time to get where they were going last year. Thankfully, the post office was dead, the lady at the desk was a sweetheart, and the boxes were off in less than five minutes. 

Went home, made a pit stop, grabbed my laundry bag, and went back out. I really had to get to the laundromat...but first, I stopped at WaWa for money. Since it only comes out in 10s, I bought a soft pretzel and a Peppermint Mocha Smoothie. They were pretty busy, thanks to it being the lunch hour, and it took a few minutes to wait for my drink. 

Like the post office, the laundromat wasn't busy. In fact, it was the manager, me, and one or two other people the entire time I was there. The weather must have scared everyone off. It was damp, windy, and too warm for this time of year when I got up this morning and continued to be for most of the afternoon. Mom texted me to say hi and ask if I found an apartment. I told her I hadn't and that she had a package coming.

Hurried home and put everything away, then looked online for apartments for a half-hour. Broke around 3 when I found absolutely nothing new. Worked on packing or rearranging boxes while watching Annie. I go further into Disney's 1999 TV version of the beloved Broadway show at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Worked on writing for a while next. Fannie sets up pegs in the ground as the first square for everyone to move from. She gives them instructions on how to jump and where to find the train that'll take them quickly across the fourth square. She also admonishes Orson to keep the sleepy Doormouse with him and for parents to stay with their offspring, since things can get strange quickly in Looking Glass Land and it's easy to get lost.

Broke for dinner at 6:30. Had leftovers and made cranberry sauce while watching Muppet Family Christmas. All of the Muppets come together at Ma Bear's farm for a big old-fashioned holiday the shock of Ma, who planned on going to Maui for the holidays. Doc and Sprocket from Fraggle Rock are even more surprised. They were hoping for a nice, quiet Christmas alone on the farm. They get anything but as Fozzie does a comedy act with a snowman, the Swedish Chef thinks Big Bird is on the Christmas dinner menu, Kermit and Robin learn about Fraggle holidays, and Miss Piggy keeps her frog waiting (and waiting) for her arrival.

Finished a messy, rainy night with How the Grinch Stole Christmas while doing the dishes. All the Whos down in Whoville like Christmas a lot, but the grouchy Grinch who lives on Mount Crumpet doesn't appreciate their noisy celebrations. He rides down to the valley with his dog Max to steal their holiday goodies. The Christmas spirit, however, is a little harder to shove in a bag and carry off. It takes the Whos carrying out their traditions no matter what to prove that "Christmas doesn't come from a store."

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