Wednesday, December 22, 2021

From Worse to Worst

I overslept a bit this morning. Had enough time to read, write, eat, and feed the cats and fish before I headed out. I only saw Lynx, but I figured Toothless would turn up sooner or later. 

Made it to work just in time. We were once again off and on busy...but this time, when it was on, we'd have lines down the aisles. Like everyone else, we just don't have enough help. They keep calling people from the bakery and dairy stocking up front. At least it slowed down enough by 4:30 for me to leave without a relief.

I still didn't see Toothless when I got home, though Lynx greeted me. I fed him and went downstairs to get the laundry started. Finally figured out where the trash bags were and loaded that, then scooped out the cats' litter boxes. I hoped again to see Toothless, but she never appeared. 

I tried writing next. Now everyone, including Brett, hears that little voice. It's Joyce Bulifant, and she's worried. Brett finds out about what when Joey says the train is going to jump to the fourth square...literally...

Saw Lynx downstairs when I switched the laundry to the dryer, but not Toothless. I was starting to get worried, and I should have before. I assumed she was upstairs, but I couldn't find her. Searched the house for an hour, inside and out, and couldn't find her. She just wasn't anywhere. She's a little black cat, so she's not the easiest critter to find, but I looked in every closet and cranny, and even looked outside. Nothing. 

Didn't want to call Rose, because I didn't want to upset her. I was already upset enough, nearly hyperventilating and screaming with hysterics. I know, I shouldn't have been so noisy. I probably scared both cats off. I did see Lynx several times, and he stayed away from me, but still no Toothless. 

Finally called Rose, and...yes, she was furious. As well she should be. This cat belongs to a family with children, and they love her. I was irresponsible and stupid for letting the door open yesterday when I wanted to get in. She must have gotten out when I brought those few things home from my place on the bike yesterday afternoon. I didn't see anything run past me, but I might have missed her. She is a small black cat. She says the kids are devastated. 

I spent another hour searching, outside and in, with Rose on the phone. We found nothing but Khai's old Simon game. Rose was raging angry and freezing when I got off with her. Apparently, she was talking outside so as to not upset the kids. 

Took time out to finally have a leftover pork chop, leftover Chinese white rice, and green beans for dinner. Folded the clothes while watching The Snowman. This charming British animated special, done entirely in music and pantomime, involves a little boy who befriends the snowman he just built. They take in the delights of the boy's house, from his television to trying on Mum's makeup, before they end up on a wild motorcycle ride. After that, the Snowman takes the boy to his home at the North Pole, to meet Santa Claus and other snowmen. Charming special based after a similarly wordless book was Oscar-nominated; it also has a lovely theme song, "Walking In the Air." 

After the special ended, I couldn't sit still. I went back outside and searched the yards again. I didn't realize there's security cameras outside. Rose could hear me when I was checking under Craig's car and the neighbor's car. She told me to put out food for Toothless to lure her home and stay inside. It was almost 10 PM before I finally put the food on the back porch.

(Incidentally, Lynx remains fine. He used his litter box, and I saw him upstairs when I was searching later and in the kitchen when I went to check and see if Toothless came back.)

I feel utterly horrible. I'm an irresponsible idiot. This proves how stupid and selfish and self-centered I am. Rose told me not to use the back door. I thought it would be ok if I was careful. I wasn't. How could I have done this? Now they'll never trust me again. I didn't tell the neighbors because I was hoping she'd turn up by morning. I'll search again first thing tomorrow. I must have missed something. I tried using my phone as a nightlight, but it wasn't strong enough. I keep checking the back door and not seeing her. The food is untouched. I'm beside myself. I can't believe I did this. 

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