Tuesday, December 07, 2021

Sometimes You Have to Get Away

I stayed up way too late last night and didn't get moving until 11 AM. Watched Family Feud while I had a quick cereal breakfast. We had another family with a cute kid, this one a round-faced boy who was on the end and didn't really get to answer that often. The winners almost missed the Fast Money, but this time, the last answer did put them over the top.

Went online to check my e-mail after the show ended. Sue Bromley sent me a listing for the only apartment she could find for under $1,000. It's far away in Atco. That's in the middle of nowhere! I probably won't take it, but I still sent them a note anyway. 

Intended to text Rose next, but she called me around quarter after 12. Not much progress, I'm afraid. She still says she'll be able to get me more time to leave, and Jodie's nephew still won't show her the deed for the sale of the house. She thinks I don't trust her. I do trust her, and I appreciate everything she's doing for me. I think she's a great lawyer. I'm just stressed and tired. I've lost my holidays, my home isn't mine anymore, and half my family isn't speaking to one another. She keeps telling me to "be strong, be strong." People can only be strong for so long. 

I couldn't stay there anymore. I didn't know what to do. Since it was a nice day, I threw on boots, grabbed my coat, and rushed out the door. Jumped on my bike and just kept riding, across the White Horse Pike and down Newton Lake Park. Barely noticed the bright blue sky, the bottle-green ripples on the lake, or the golden leaves falling around me. I didn't care. I had to get away. Get far away from everyone and everything. 

After riding through Collingswood, I ended up at the Haddon Township Library. They closed last month for remodeling, and the children's area is still in the midst of being painted. Everything's been reorganized since I was last there, and that's without the painting. I spent most of the time looking at self-help books, hoping to find something that'll make me feel better and figure out where we went wrong and how I can do to improve this situation. 

Considered the Westmont Diner (formerly the Crystal Lake Diner) for lunch, but eventually ended up at Geneva Pizza a few blocks down on Cuthbert. They have some of the cheapest slices in the area. I had a slice of cheese, a square slice of margherita, and a bottle of water for a little over $5. It was past 3 at that point. Other than ESPN going on the TV, I ate in blissful peace.

It was past 3:30 when I rolled in. Put on Three Little Words while carefully packing all of my coffee cups and glasses but the two I'll probably use this week and loading the boxes of individual DVDs into a bin. I go further into this sweet and simple composter biography featuring Fred Astaire and Red Skelton at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

Worked on writing for a bit after I finished with the DVDs. Fannie insists that Brett would make a great queen, but she has to cross the chessboard first. She grabs Brett and runs so fast with her, they're out of breath when they stop...but they don't seem to have gotten anywhere...

Broke for turkey soup and a sweet potato latke for dinner at 6:30. Watched Match Game '79 as I ate. I have no idea why CBS didn't air the last two and a half weeks' worth of shows. Bill Daily in particular is having a wonderful time joking about his second wife and ducking Brett and Brianne Leary beating up on him for a bad answer..

Watched Match Game PM while doing the dishes. Sweet Sarah Kennedy joins the regulars, Betty White, and character and voice actor Hans Conried for jokes about what a chicken crossed with a construction worker lays and how Dumb Donald kills a fly. Richard is a bit more nervous about helping a contestant with "__ Boiled" on the Head-to-Head.

Finished the night as I got organized with the first Muppet Babies Christmas episode. It's "A Very Muppet Babies Christmas" as the kids open their Secret Santa gifts from each other. Kermit is disappointed to get a green rock and tries to trade it away, but hurts the feelings of the giver in the process. Summer is upset when she can't go home for Christmas, so Piggy sets out to recreate her traditions in "Summer's Super Fabulous Holiday Surprise." Unfortunately, she fails to realize that her attempts at making traditions look a bit too pink and glittery for her best friend. 

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