Thursday, December 23, 2021

Cookies and Cuddly Creatures

Awoke at 4:30 in the morning to loud mewing. Lynx stood outside my door, looking up at me with his big gray eyes. I followed him upstairs, but Toothless still wasn't there. I turned around...and there, mewing daintily at the foot of the stairs, was a little black cat with big yellow eyes. It was Toothless, all right. I went down to pet her, but she dashed away again. At least she seemed to be fine and wasn't outside. I tried to go back to sleep, but I eventually texted Rose instead to tell her she's ok. 

Didn't finally roll out of bed until past 10, and it was closer to 11 when I got to breakfast. Watched Family Feud while I fed the cats. Lynx showed up to play with the bows on the presents under the tree. I finally had to extricate one from him when he looked like he was going to nibble on it.

Switched to He-Man and She-Ra: A Christmas Special as I made fried eggs, mint green tea, and an orange for breakfast. Yes, this is a thing. Orko accidentally brings two Earth children to Eternia when he takes off in an experimental rocket, then crash-lands there thanks to one of his spells. The kids are kidnapped by Skeletor, but they end up befriending him instead when they explain about Christmas to him. He's so moved, he rescues them from Hordak and Horde Prime. Meanwhile, She-Ra and He-Man search for a rare crystal that will be used to power a transporter to first take them to find Orko, then return the kids to Earth.

Headed out shortly after the cartoon ended (and making sure kitties and fish were ok). First stop was Dollar General. I needed mouth wash, but they were out of the gum protection type I use. Ended up getting Listerine at a busy CVS, along with a Vanilla Coke.

My last stop was Jodie's house. Most of the shirts I washed yesterday had short sleeves. It's going to be too cold for short sleeves this week, and Rose's house doesn't get nearly as warm as that little suite. Dropped my laundry in the basket and the Listerine on the bathroom counter, then grabbed a few long-sleeved shirts and a turtleneck and headed back out. 

I told Rose I wanted to make cookies before Christmas. She nicely left me two butter sticks in a big, heavy metal bowl. That big, heavy metal bowl fitted in an even bigger, heavier stand mixer! I don't know how Rose moves that thing to make cookies. She must hire a professional wrestler to do it. I could barely get it out of the low shelf. 

On one hand, I should have put the flour in gradually. I did it all at once, and it went everywhere and made a mess. On the other hand, the dough came out perfectly. The subsequent cookies spread too much and were Molasses Spice Strips than cookies, but they did taste good.

Watched White Christmas while I worked and the cats napped upstairs. I went further into this beloved 1954 holiday favorite at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog in December 2018. 

Went to Buzzr for Press Your Luck as I pulled the cookies out of the oven and did the dishes. The champ won the first round, but he was slammed with Whammies in the second and eventually went out. The only woman emerged the winner, with tons of money and a set of golf clubs.

Went into writing next. Brett's not happy with that little voice insisting it's her friend. She's downright terrified when Joey (Bishop) the conductor says the train is going to jump a brook and land in the fourth square. In fact, she grabs Ed Asner the Goat's beard in her fright...which takes them out of the train and back into the woods...

Let Whew! run while I wrote. The pregnant woman just barely won her first game, but she completely panicked and the Gauntlet and barely made it to the third villain. She didn't get a second chance. She was defeated by a young man who caught her before she could make a longshot to the sixth level.

Put on National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation after the show ended. All Clark Grizwauld (Chevy Chase) wants is a perfect "good old-fashioned family Christmas" with all his relatives gathered 'round, a big turkey on the table, and a huge tree aglow. Not one thing goes the way he plans. The two sets of grandparents he invites argue constantly. His yuppie neighbors think he's two ornaments short of a full box. He puts so many lights on his house, they short out the neighborhood electrical grid. Even when he does manage to get the lights going, his hillbilly cousin Eddie (Randy Quaid) and his family turn up in their rattletrap RV and cause even more chaos. In the end, as the SWAT team comes through the windows and his miserly boss (Brian Doyle Murphy) threatens to fire him, he realizes that we can't make Christmas perfect...but we can make it memorable.

Hilarious holiday comedy has been a favorite of mine since it started showing up on cable in the early 90's. Perfect for snarky pre-teens and teens who are about to go on their own Christmas vacations and adults who have probably gone through most of what Clark does here. 

Returned to Buzzr for Match Game '74 while I fed the cats dry cat food and myself leftovers. Proud dad Richard Dawson explained his deep tan when he revealed he'd vacationed in Hawaii. He happily showed a photo of his younger son Gary dancing with a hula girl. Richard did even better on Match Game PM, helping a young woman with the Head-to-Head "Surf __." Gene's happier to chat with a contestant who speaks Serbo-Croatian like he does. 

Found Lynx upstairs, sleeping on Rose and Craig's big queen-sized sleigh bed. I gave him a good belly rub. Saw Toothless at the foot of the steps, but she took off again. Took a shower after she went hiding and returned to Khai's room for Dr. Seuss' The Grinch Musical Live! I go further into the live musical version of the famous Dr. Seuss holiday story from last year at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Here's even more holiday specials to bring joy and fun to your Christmas season!


Linda said...

I'M SO GLAD TOOTHLESS SHOWED UP. She is probably just shy. Our friends the Butlers have a cat named Sylvester whom they have owned for years and we have NEVER seen him. He will not come downstairs if there are any strangers in the house. Penelope comes to visit, but never Sylvester.

Emma said...

Yeah. I've seen Toothless twice since then, both briefly before she dashed off. She is a very shy girl. I'm not panicking again if I don't see her. I'm going through the front door from here on in - Rose says if the cats get out, they're more likely to go through the back.