Sunday, December 26, 2021

Boxing Day Matches

Started off the morning with a black nose in my face. Toothless was staring at me with those big yellow eyes. I tried to let her sniff me, but she just rushed under the Christmas tree. 

Went into writing in my journal and reading essays from The Curious World of Christmas next. Every year, I read material from the many holiday anthologies I own from Christmas Day through New Year's Day. Curious World is one of two anthologies of non-fiction Christmas tidbits I own. As you can guess, this is a book of humorous Christmas trivia, from some of the weirder medieval Christmas customs to how holiday icons like Santa really got started. Read some of that, fed the cats, fed myself, packed my lunch, and hurried off to work.

As it turned out, the rush wasn't necessary. It became mildly steady around 3:30 PM, otherwise, we were dead almost the entire day. Like I told a customer, most people are either recovering from yesterday, out of town, did their shopping before Christmas, or are waiting for New Year's. A great Eagles game may also have been a factor. They mauled the Giants 34-10.I shelved candy and worked on story ideas between customers. 

Needed a few things after work. There was barely any cat food left on the shelves. I grabbed a can from the same brand that Rose has. Dry food was slightly easier to find. They didn't have the same flavor, but they did have the same brand. Hopefully, Lynx, at least, wouldn't be too picky. Also grabbed pudding and a graham cracker crust to replace what I used yesterday. 

Rose called earlier in the morning. I texted her, but planned on calling her back. She called me while I was riding home. I pulled onto the sidewalk to take her call. Turns out they'll be away an extra day. Finley got sick. It's nothing too serious, but they want to spread out their trip home over two days to give her time to recover. I have no problems spending an extra day cat-sitting. Right now, the last place I want to be is Jodie's house. I'm off tomorrow, too. I can do the laundry and tidy and vacuum her house. 

First thing I did when I got home was feed the cats, at least as best I could. I didn't realize when I grabbed the can that I bought kitten food! The cats are young, but they're not that young anymore. They wouldn't touch it, but they did seem to enjoy the dry food, no matter what flavor it was. 

Changed into regular clothes, then hiked downstairs to the basement to scoop the cats' litter boxes. I have no problems doing this. I'd rather clean the cats' bathroom than deal with the human ones at the Acme. At least the cats make it to their littler boxes! 

Jodie texted during work to ask when I was coming home. Just to be polite, I told her Tuesday. She called me around 5:30, but I didn't want to talk to her and didn't answer. Thought that was the end of it, but I heard the doorbell ring around 6 PM. Yes, it was Jodie. She handed me a long tan envelope. Turns out she finally did agree to give me two months to find a place, until February 26. She won't take us to court, but she's still livid that I haven't found a place yet. I told her she needed to talk to Rose, or her lawyer needed to talk to Rose. I asked her why she won't help me find a place or show Rose the deed of sale. Apparently, me finding a place isn't her problem, and the deed of sale is no one's business but hers.

I've had enough of her. If she'd been more realistic about all of this to begin with - like drawing up an official lease for me as soon as we sufficiently recovered from Dad's death, actually selling the house when she was supposed to in June and helping both of us find new homes, and keeping the rest of the family better informed about the remodeling and sale of the house and divesting of its contents - a lot of this wouldn't be happening. I finally told her to have her lawyer call Rose when she gets back, that she needs to start thinking of someone besides herself for a change, and shut the door in her face. Texted Rose and told her what happened right after she left.

(And yes, I know it was rude, and it won't help me with her once I get back. She would have ranted all night about how this is all Rose's fault and Rose is being so terrible and why are we doing this to her and oh, she might lose the sale of the house because we're so horrible if I hadn't shut the door. I'm tired of hearing it. She isn't the one who's been desperately looking for an apartment for the past four months. She's not the one who took time off from work to find an apartment.)

Finished the night on YouTube with this year's Match Game Productions Christmas marathon. Once again, it was dedicated to the channel owner's late mother who introduced him to Match Game, and once again, it revolved around her favorite panelist Richard Dawson. Arrived just in time for the classic 1975 episode where Gene says "Schnick Schnack," the words the German Match Game used instead of "blank," when he asks the questions. We get to hear everyone's dueling German accents, including Richard's fairly good one he likely picked up from the real German and Austrian actors on Hogan's Heroes. The next episode was good, too. Sarah Kennedy and Bobby Van join in to watch an excited young woman jump up and down so hard, she apparently created a crack in the studio floor!

Other good episodes include one where Charles and composer Marvin Hamlisch create a song about the winning contestant, the one where the contestant jumps on Gene and that starts everyone making out with each other (including Betty White and announcer Johnny Olsen!), Richard making a reference to having collected money to eradicate "trench hand," Gene forcing his way through his doors twice, and Betty trying to defend an answer by using her own hips to illustrate it. 

Spend Boxing Day and Kwanzaa week laughing and matching with the loonies on Match Game! (And stick around for the end. The channel's owner has a lovely dedication to his mother, set to a beautiful piano version of "Good Feelings" from Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood.)

Did a few more favorite Match Game episodes featuring Richard Dawson after the marathon ended. He and Gene pull the strings on Elaine Joyce's halter when she answers "Gene" to a question about who should be eliminated from the panel while a confused Don Adams looks on in 1974. A year later, Richard reads a question towards the end of the episode in his Cockney "Newkirk" accent about what the guys on Hogan's Heroes are forced to watch.

Also revisited the original "Trench Hand" episode from later in '75. Hard-pressed to come up with an answer to the Audience Match "Trench __," Richard blurts out "Trench Hand." He and Gene make jokes about having the dreaded "Trench Hand" and holding a telethon for it during the rest of the episode. 

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