Tuesday, August 29, 2023

On a Slow Boat to the Yukon

Started off the morning with breakfast and The Busy World of Richard Scarry. Bananas Gorilla guards a bunch of bananas for the grocer. He goes on a merry chase when "The Missing Bananas" disappear, and he has to get them back before the grocer realizes they're gone. Maria and Frederico hope for "Good Luck In Rome" when they come to the Eternal City to throw a coin into the lucky Trevi Fountain. They end up throwing a lot more than that when Frederico's car goes out of control with Maria in it! Mr. Fixit is so tired, his faulty traffic light inadvertently causes "The Accident." Everyone is so angry at him, he takes off...but then the towns-animals realize they can't fix their vehicles on their own.

Headed out to work after the cartoon ended. As it turned out, I ended up bagging today. Fine by me. Even with the cold, cloudy, killer humid weather, I'd still rather be outside pushing carts than inside dealing with people. Spent a pleasant afternoon sweeping and doing carts with absolutely no trouble whatsoever. 

Headed straight home after that. Had dinner while watching Belle of the Yukon. I go further into this bizarre musical Alaskan Gold Rush tale featuring Randolph Scott and a rare performance by Gypsy Rose Lee at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

Took a much-needed shower, then watched a first-season episode of The Love Boat on Paramount Plus. A director (Fernando Lamas) wants to make a movie with his "Hollywood Royalty" wife, who spends the voyage sporting an enormous diamond pendant. Four not-especially-bright thieves lead by actor Vernon Crowler (Harold Gould) go on "The Caper" to steal it. A blind girl (Stephanie Zimbalist) sees through "The Eyes of Love" when she falls for a former classmate (Desi Arnaz Jr.)  from her school for blind children who regained his sight. A lawyer (Dan Rowan) finds himself caught in a "Masquerade" when his wife (Juliet Mills) befriends his mistress (Adrienne Barbeau). 

And we had our second Bob Barker week on YouTube. Rona Barrett marked her first of two appearances on the show in February 1975 and Bob his second. Fannie Flagg shows off her "dangerous curves" t-shirts, while Bob wonders how the wild audiences from Price Is Right and Truth or Consequences followed him to Match Game.

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