Friday, August 11, 2023

Summer Breeze

Started off the morning with breakfast and The Busy World of Richard Scarry. Huckle and Lowly join "The Best Firefighters Ever" to learn what they do. They're disappointed to see that they mostly rescue animals up trees or precious objects someone lost. They think they get their chance to see a real fire when Mr. Frumble claims he sees smoke...but the fire the smoke belongs to only damages charcoal in a barbecue. "Manuel of Mexico" is notorious for his wild imagination. He sees a thief while buying a pot for his mother and has to convince everyone that this time, he's telling the truth. Huckle and Lowly become "The Biggest Catch Ever" when their hot air balloon breaks away.

Hurried off to work after the cartoon ended. This time, most of the day went very well. I mostly pushed carts and swept the store again. I did have to clean up a spill when someone dropped a container of cole slaw on the floor and and did the trash this morning. I didn't fall behind until a manager pulled me to take two online safety courses. That made me late for sweeping, which meant I barely had enough time for the carts, which meant I just got out on time (and didn't finish the carts). 

At least the weather was gorgeous for pushing carts again. Hotter and a bit more humid, but it remains sunny and blue, and the breeze is still cool. Doesn't look like it's going to get much warmer than this next week, either. It might rain a little, but nothing like yesterday. 

Not a bad schedule next week. Not as many hours as I have been getting, but still more than I usually get in August. There's a reason for that. I have an 8 1/2 hour day next Saturday, this time cashiering. At least two cashiers are on vacation, and two more asked for that day off. I'm so worn out after the bagging this week, I'll probably just ride around in this area, but mostly rest again.

Did a little grocery shopping after work. Restocked coconut milk and yogurt. Had online coupons for organic fruit leather strips (which are delicious) and blackberries. (And of course, I bought the organic blackberries instead of the ones on sale.) And then, I didn't realize I used a self-checkout register that is card-only. I went back and bought a Coke Zero and an Ultimate Coke Zero for treats this weekend. I need money for the Farm Market tomorrow. I won't be able to get there next Saturday.

Went straight into Match Game '79 and dinner when I got home.  Robert Walden of Lou Grant and Bert Convy made this week a pleasure to look at (and they didn't play too badly, either). The first episode introduced a commercial fisherman from Cape Cod whom they helped figure out "Patti __" in the Audience Match. (Without obviously pointing to the Patty on the show that week, Patty Duke.) Audrey Landers was on a roll, getting several good answers, while Charles read the Los Angeles Times.

Finished the night online, starting with Recess: School's Out at Disney Plus. T.J Detwiller (Andrew Lawrence) is feeling left out when all his friends go to summer camp and leave him behind alone. While trying to figure out what to do with himself, he discovers strange men in white jackets and black sunglasses lurking around Third Street School. He convinces Principal Prickley (Dabney Coleman) to see what's going on, only for him to vanish before his eyes. When his parents brush him off and the police just laugh, he brings his friends back from camp to help him check things out. Turns out there's a lot more going on here than anyone suspects, as TJ uncovers a plot by an insane former teacher (James Woods) to make it permanently winter and stop summer vacation forever!

This is probably a lot better than it has any right to be. Impressive voice cast for what amounts to a feature-length episode, including Woods as the smarmy, self-promoting villain, Melissa Joan Hart as T.J's teen sister, and Peter MacNichol as Woods' whiny second-in-command. (Listen for Andrea Martin, Robert Stack, Robert Goulet, and R. Lee Ermey in cameos.) Great soundtrack of late 60's psychedelic rock hits too, including Goulet's "Green Tambourine" video in the credits. 

This was a surprise hit during the summer of 2001, doing even better that year than Disney's "canon" animated movie Atlantis: The Lost Empire. Even so, it's still mostly recommended for fans of the show, or those who remember seeing the show as kids. 

Usagi and Chibi Usa also enjoy their summer vacation in Sailor Moon Super S. The duo run across a mysterious woman while bickering over whom should carry heavy bags. The lady later turns up at a local festival the girls are attending. Turns out she's a runaway princess who fled her stifling royal life in order to explore the city. The girls keep an eye on her, but Mamoru is worries that she may become the Amazon Trio's next target.

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