Friday, August 18, 2023

Sunny Day On Main Street

Started off the morning with breakfast and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. "Goofy's Giant Adventure" brings back his Sir Goofs-a-Lot knight persona to find a cure for Willie the Giant's tummy ache. He and Mickey travel to the Bubbly Spring to find it. On the way, they listen to the song of Minstrel Donald and Ladies Daisy and Minnie, help Dragon Pete with his dragging tail, and listen to wishing well Professor Ludvig Von Drake make a lot of "well" puns. 

I was going to head out right away after that...but first, I realized how low the battery on my cell phone was. Then, I thought I had the address for the Cottage Resale Shoppe in Uber, but it turns out I didn't. With all that, I didn't get going to Marlton until past 11 AM. At least the driver only took three minutes to arrive, and a little over 20 to get there.

The Cottage Resale Shoppe on Main Street sells used American Girl and 18 inch dolls and doll clothes. I really do wish he had more historical outfits. Didn't come up with anything for Kit this time, but I did make some nice finds. 

The best was the red, white, and blue jacket and shorts part of Julie's Two-In-One Summer Set, with her roller skates and striped socks included. Originally, the set came with a bathing suit as well, but the shorts set was retired and the bathing suit released on its own around 2012. I got it for $26, not bad when the full outfit with the skates usually goes for from $30 to $50 on eBay. I dug an adorable apron printed with holiday motifs that was originally part of Maryellen's Christmas Cookies Set out of the stray pieces bin that's perfect for Whitney. Also found an Our Generation sweater for Jessa and a pink and white gingham dress for Whitney that looks hand-made. 

It was an absolutely perfect day for a stroll down Marlton's historic Main Street. The weather couldn't be nicer. Lower 80's and sunny, with a cool breeze and no humidity whatsoever. Dodged lunch rush hour traffic past gorgeous historic buildings (and some that were fenced in) down to Among Other Things, the thrift shop on the end of Main where it meets the highway. I browsed through the piles of everything from antique holiday decorations to children's books from a decade ago, but didn't see anything interesting and moved on. 

Next up was the shopping center on your left as you leave Main Street. I wasn't interested in the clothes stores, but I did remember seeing several restaurants there I wouldn't mind trying. Ended up at the breakfast/lunch venue The Turning Point. They were a simple and elegant little space with small airy rooms and wooden tables. I enjoyed my "Wilbur Skillet" with scrambled eggs, pepper jack cheese, crushed bacon, potatoes, and tomatoes, though I didn't finish the potatoes. I ordered iced tea, but the teen boy probably didn't hear me right and brought me hot tea. No matter. I could use the caffeine. 

Did some grocery shopping at Trader Joe's next. I wasn't going to carry cold items home, but I was able to pick up their chocolate almond and peanut butter-chocolate cereal bars. Picked up bags of New Jersey peaches, too, and more of those tasty and just-sweet-enough coconut strips. 

Made a brief stop at the huge Gallo's Bakery on the other end of the shopping center. I didn't see any bread I wanted, but I had to try one of their massive cookies. Kept things simple with a sugar cookie dusted in blue crystals. Oh, yum! Just moist and sweet enough.

Headed across the street to the other side of Marlton, behind Among Other Things. There's another shopping center here, probably of 60's-70's vintage. In addition to two more bakeries and a liquor store, I saw a Lego store tucked among the shops. Tried one of the bakeries. I'd never seen such fat, pillowy bagels. Bought three for lunch next week, along with a "pretzel bagel." 

I wanted to get to Marlton Crossings on the other side of the highway, but Route 73 is one of the busiest roads in Camden County. I tried walking over at the shopping center with the bakeries, but there was no crosswalk there. I eventually hiked two blocks from Trader Joe's and crossed at a light by CVS.

Spent the next hour and a half in and out of stores at the sprawling shopping center. I considered yarn at Michael's, but eventually decided I had plenty and can find it cheaper elsewhere. Peered around TJ Maxx, but didn't buy anything. I did run into my old friend Erica after hitting the bathroom, though. Apparently, she now works there. Walked around in the massive Sprouts Grocery Store, but their high-end healthy groceries were even more expensive than the Acme. Grabbed a Diet Dr. Brown Wild Cherry and a Diet Boynton's Creme Soda in glass bottles from Rocket Fizz (after I decided I'd had enough sugar with the cookie earlier). 

Called Uber around 3:30. The nice Asian gentleman arrived in 7 minutes. Once again, the traffic on the highway could have been a lot worse. He pulled in at Oaklyn in 20 minutes.

Went straight upstairs and into writing when I got home. Before she goes, Joyce is given a basket of goodies by the Munchkin baker and lone female Munchkin. She wishes Patti could stay, but she floats off on her bubble. 

Broke for dinner and Match Game '79 at 7 PM. Gene wasn't too happy about a zero to zero tie at the end of the first round. Things did improve in time for Robert Pine, Richard Deacon, and Susan Richardson to help figure out what Dumb Dora assumed the doorman had. Pretty and sweet Susan proved to have the audience favorite answer for "The World __."

Finished the night after a shower with Sesame Street Presents: Follow That Bird. I'll go further into the first Sesame Street theatrical film at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog tomorrow. 

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