Thursday, August 17, 2023

Racing Harts

Started off the morning with breakfast and more new Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. Daniel wants to borrow an apron for show and tell, but O the Owl wants to use it for playing restaurant. Teacher Harriett reminds the boys that "Taking Turns at Show and Tell" is important, and Daniel can use it later. The kids all have to remember this when they fight over who goes first. They all learn about "Taking Turns at the Pool" when they both want to blow bubbles and have to share the wand, and then Katerina has to wait for a noodle to be available. 

Switched to Thunder Alley after that. I go further into the second car racing musical from American International, this time featuring Fabian and Annette Funicello, at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Worked on writing while the movie was on. Joyce is reluctant to walk on the Golden Road at first. She doesn't want Ira the Wicked Warlock of the West after her. Patti, however, reminds her that she has to get the Wizard's help, and the witches can't help her. Joyce knows the story and has suspicions about how helpful the "Wizard" is going to be, but she goes down the road anyway.

Finished out the new Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood episodes during lunch. "Daniel and Max Ask to Play" when Daniel asks to play ball with Jodi and Katerina and Max joins Dan and Prince Wednesday to make caves with rocks. "Daniel Plays at the Music Shop" when his father goes to buy sheet music. He, Katerina, O, and Elaina end up making their own little band.

Headed out after the cartoon ended. Almost exactly the same deal as yesterday. We were dead the entire afternoon except around rush hour, when everyone picked up dinner after work and we had less help. I did have to dissuade two twenty-somethings from leaving plastic bottles of mineral water they didn't want in a cart where the security guard would stumble over it. They probably did something annoying and she scolded them. She's just doing her job. I took the water and told them to take the cart outside. Otherwise, no trouble, and I was in and out. 

Went straight home and into dinner and Match Game '79. Gene notes Fannie borrowed Gene's tie in the opening. (And I'm inclined to agree with Brett that it looked better on Fannie.) Brett has less luck helping in the Head-to-Head with "__ Japan."

Finished the night on Tubi with Hart to Hart while I worked on the Thunder Alley review. During a card game with baseball greats (including Tommy Lasorda), Johnathan receives an invitation to the wedding of his old girfriend Nikki (Christine Belford) to a business rival, Alex Constantine (Richard Johnson). Turns out Nikki's former fiancee sent them the invitation. Nikki's being forced into the wedding when Constantine claims her brother hit two women while driving drunk. After Nikki's fiancee is kidnapped, the Harts try to learn more about the surviving woman and keep Nikki from saying "With This Gun, I Thee Wed."  

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