Sunday, August 20, 2023

One Match at a Time

Began the morning with breakfast and the original cast album for the 1971 revival of No, No, Nanette. One of the biggest smashes of the 20's was a surprise hit that year as stage fans came looking for memories and walked away with classic songs and a great ensemble that included Jack Gilford as a traveling bible salesman supporting three ladies, Ruby Keeler as his wife, Susan Watson as the free-spirited miss of the title, Bobby Van as Gilford's lawyer, and Helen Gallagher as his wife and Keeler's best friend. It's all a lot of goofy fun, with Van leading "Call of the Sea," the lovers romping through "Tea for Two," and Keeler making a comeback with "Take a Little One Step."

My favorite song from the cast CD was either written for the revival and dropped before opening, or pulled out of the trunk, then dropped. Either way, I'm glad they had Keeler and Gilford record "Only a Moment Ago" anyway. This charming ode to times gone by says volumes about what nostalgia means to so many people. 

Didn't even finish the CD before I dashed off to work. I was almost late...which is really the worst thing that happened all day. Once again, we were only busy at rush hours, and then just barely. I spent a lot of my seven-hour-shift standing around. Even though it was much warmer, into the upper 80's, it remains sunny, dry, and breezy. It's just too darn nice for shopping. Everyone's in a pretty good mood, too. I was in and out with absolutely no trouble whatsoever. 

Soon as I got home, I took a shower and had dinner while finishing the CD. Ended the night on YouTube with today's Match Game Classics marathon. Like David Doyle, Bonnie Franklin is best known today for starring in a major 70's hit show. The long-running sitcom One Day at a Time had her as a single mother juggling her life and that of her teenage daughters while dealing with her annoying handyman (Pat Harrington).

Bonnie started off in mid-1976 and became one of the better players in the fourth "ingenue" seat. She especially seemed to enjoy sitting next to Richard Dawson, but had fun even after he left. In one episode, Gene pulled out her chair to reveal her sitting lotus style, wondering how she was that flexible. (Her once being a dancer on Broadway may have had something to do with it.) Gene wanted to kiss the newcomer in her first episode, but he had a cold. For the only time on Match Game, Richard got to kiss the newcomer. She also had some pretty great wins, including $10,000 several times in PM episodes and on syndication.

Take it one match at a time with one of TV's favorite moms in this adorable marathon!

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