Friday, August 04, 2023

Summertime Angels

Started out the morning with breakfast and Hello Kitty Furry Tale Theater on The Roku Channel. "Hello Mother Goose" is on the case when the most famous items in nursery rhymes goes missing. She has to catch the culprit, who may no be a culprit at all. You can't get much more 80's than "Crocodile Penguin." Tuexdo Sam plays the wonder from Down Under who comes to New York City to fight Hulk Alligator (Grinder). 

Worked on writing for a while. Joyce likes the shoes, but all she really wants to do is go home. Patti (and a know-it-all Smuf-kin in glasses) says they don't know where Burbank is, but the all-knowing Wizard of Match might. He lives in Televisia City, at the end of the Golden Road.

Watched Match Game '77 while eating a quick lunch and getting ready for work. Gene (whose only daughter was long-grown by then) was a bit confused by the top answer to "Huey __" in the Audience Match. Scoey Mitchilll and Richard Dawson just wish Elaine Joyce wouldn't take so long to explain why the astronaut picked the wrong time to say something.

Headed to work even before the episode ended. We were off-and-on busy. It's the beginning of the month, and a lot of people just got their government money...and some of them weren't happy about it. I had a hard time explaining about our sales and how our card machines work with one group. I didn't say the right words, and one of the women turned to me and said I didn't do my job and had a bad attitude! I couldn't help getting upset. I genuinely didn't mean to cause trouble. There were the people who didn't have enough money and put back their entire order, and another large order where people were rude. 

I actually got a lot more hours than usual for early August next week, including two 8 1/2 hour bagging shifts. There's a reason for that. The head bagger will be on vacation, and the only other daytime bagger who works on weekdays is a college student who can't do everything. At least I also got three days off. One of those days will be spent seeing the last movie of the summer that interests me, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem. The others will be focusing more on resting.

Didn't really need much grocery-wise this week, either. Mainly wanted yogurt; Choboni is on sale this week. Was out of popcorn, too. Treated myself to a giant chocolate chip cookie slice "stacked" together with icing for dessert.

Went straight home and into Match Game '74. Gene comes up through his entrance after appearing to have swum to work. Robert Morse has more trouble later when he accidentally gives away his answer, forcing a new question to be substituted. 

For some reason, Match Game '79 jumped back to mid-way through the year. We learn the secret of Foster Brooks' drunk act (hint - he wasn't sloshed) while Betty White helps with "__ Circuit" on the Head-to-Head. Gene's way of helping a nervous contestant in the next episode involves rubbing her shoulders in a way that would probably get him into trouble nowadays.

Finished the night at Tubi with Charlie's Angels. It's "Game, Set, Death" in the second season when women tennis players are scared away from a very important tour with a lot of money riding on it. Kris joins the tour as a player to get the inside scoop, while Sabrina and Kelly are a tennis clothes designer and her model. Bosley's supposed to be helping on the tennis grounds, but he's more interested in a woman who definitely wants to flirt with him. 

(Oh, and Password Plus with Tom Kennedy wound up being the winner of Buzzr's Pick & Play summer marathons. They have a lot of terrific marathons coming up in the next 5 months, too. Among those I saw advertised were Bob Barker's 100th birthday, the 40th anniversary of Press Your Luck, and the return of "Bob-tober" with Bob Eubanks, the Halloween Thrills & Chills marathon, the Family Feud Armed Forces week, Black Friday Frenzy, and A Betty White Christmas.)

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