Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Door Into Summer

The big news today is...welcome to the first full day of summer!

To be honest, I have mixed feelings about summer. It's great to have more daylight hours (I love coming from work at eight o'clock and still being able to see the sun), and a lot easier to make trips. Gorgeous days like today are perfect for exploring, rides in the park, or throwing the frisbee around. And I hate socks and shoes; sandals and going barefoot are so much more comfortable!

On the other hand, the heat can get oppressive. The humidity has been known to kill less healthy people. Fans and air conditioners are necessary when the heat reaches critical mass, but they're noisy and use a ton of electricity. It's a pain to ride to work when it's deadly hot (and when it's really bad, I have to ask for rides). I'm constantly sweating. When I was living in Wildwood, my neighborhood would fill with obnoxious tourists who would have drunken shouting matches on the street in front of my apartment at 5AM. (That's what I get for living on a block between a hotel and a bar.)

I'm getting a little bored with yoga and pilates. It's happening again. This ALWAYS happens when I do DVDs. Maybe I need to find more exercise DVDs, something different.

I did my volunteering today. Pretty much same deal as last week - we were insanely busy, Erica was going crazy, trained Michael and he was a big help. We did get a lot of clothes out today, mainly to make room for more. (At least the back room was a lot neater than it was last week. It made moving around a LOT easier.)

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