Saturday, June 16, 2007

Early Bird Browses The Farm Market

I got up early this morning to be able to make the farm market and the bank before I worked at noon. I got to the bank just as it opened, then hit the farm market. It was PACKED! I don't know if it was because of Father's Day tomorrow, or if everyone else in eastern Camden County had to work early too, but some of the larger tables were two deep!

I did finally manage to pick up some more of those yummy local strawberries, the first Jersey cherries and blueberries of the season, baby spinach, and two organic cucumbers that were actually cheaper than the regular ones (2 for 75 cents!), along with a soft pretzel whose purchase benefitted the building of a playground at a local park. I love helping the community.

(No good yard sale finds today though, which is probably just as well given the limited time at my disposal. I only went to one yard sale down the street, and there wasn't anything interesting.)

Work was busy but quick, with no problems and plenty of help. (Apparently, the manager who usually does scheduling was off the last few weeks and her replacement has only done it a few times, which explains a lot about our recent lack of staff.)

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