Thursday, May 29, 2008

All In The Family

It was an absolutely gorgeous day today, sunny, blue skies, warm but not hot or humid, and still a little windy but not crazy. I began my only day off this week with a laundry run. Uncle Ken had visitors when I arrived. Uncle Ken's daughter Samantha brought over some donations for Jessa's school, and also brought over her 2-year-old daughter Faith to see her grandpa. Faith was totally adorable. She's getting so big now. She knows her numbers (at least up to 4 - she recognized the 4 under the front door), she can jump and run, she's talking very well for her age, and she loves climbing into chairs and hugging her mommy. She loved the flowers Dad gave her, too.

Uncle Ken treated all of the adults to Italian hoagies from Doria's Deli. Mine was delicious! I really should get hoagies from them more often. Faith had a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich on a potato roll, but she didn't eat much of it. (Two-year-olds don't like it when their routines are out-of-order.) I left shortly after they did. (I didn't have much laundry today.)

After I put my laundry away, I headed over to the Haddon Township Library for this week's volunteering session. I did the DVDs again. I was able to do them in peace this time. I got there right as most schools were letting out...and it was really too gorgeous of a day to hang out in a library. After I finished, I made a quick stop at Super Fresh for conditioner, then went for a long bike ride in Newton River Park.

As I rode past the CVS on my way home, I felt something sticky hit the back of my legs. I definitely smelled ketchup. I still haven't figured out how my leg, sock, shoe, and shorts got ketchup on them. One of the workers from the car wash or the auto showroom must have had a messy hamburger for lunch, or someone from the sports bar on the next block was toting a lunch home that got away from them. Thankfully, I had planned on making a quick stop at Uncle Ken's again anyway to pick up the pan that had the rest of my pineapple cake from Memorial Day. I was able to clean up there.

I took a lovely walk after dinner. It was too beautiful of a day to be inside. The leaves on the trees are big and green now, and the rose bushes are in full bloom. I wasn't the only one out and about, either. I saw many families walking dogs or playing in their yards. Kids walked or rode bikes with friends, or went for a treat at Leo's Yum Yums on West Clinton Avenue. I could hear what sounded like a softball game as I passed the Oaklyn Elementary School.

I just finished a chat with Lauren. We discussed our upcoming stories and our September vacation. We'll hopefully be starting the next story this Tuesday. Her brother is visiting June 23rd, and we'll need to get it done before then.

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