Friday, May 23, 2008

Sister, Sister

I did wind up back at the Acme today, but only to get my paycheck and do a tiny bit of grocery shopping. I would have waited to pick it up until tomorrow, but the bank isn't open on Monday this week because of Memorial Day and I wanted to get it in while the bank was open. The store was surprisingly quiet, with very short lines.

Other than still being very windy, it was a beautiful day outside, sunny and much warmer (if still a tad cooler than normal for this time of year). Since I wasn't far from Market Street in Audubon, I rode up to Abbie Road to visit my older friend Bob and check out the collection of records he has for sale. I wound up with four - the Beatles' Abby Road, the Monkees' second album More of the Monkees, a Drifters greatest hits album, and the soundtrack from the 1964 James Bond film Goldfinger. I also stopped by Desserts By Design for a massive chocolate chip cookie.

The bank isn't too far from Market Street, so I went there next. I was very surprised to see a woman grilling hot dogs on their front walkway. Turns out today was their Spring Customer Appreciation Day and they were giving away hot dogs and cheeseburgers with all the fixings. Not many people can claim to have had their lunch at the bank, on the bank.

After lunch and depositing my paycheck, I headed home, put my groceries away, and went over to Uncle Ken's to do my laundry. Uncle Ken was out golfing for the day, but Dad was home, working on the landscaping for Uncle Ken's pool. He told me he and Jodie were planning on taking Rose out to dinner for a very late birthday celebration (her birthday is the week before mine in April, but she's a year younger) and invited me to come. I said "Sure." Free dinner is free dinner, and I haven't seen Rose in over a month. I watched Neptune's Daughter and My Sister Eileen on TCM and the final 20 minutes or so of The 'I Don't Care' Girl on Fox Movie Channel and took a walk while waiting for my small load of laundry to finish in the drier.

I hung out at my place and watched more of The Muppet Show before heading out again. I made a very quick stop at the Oaklyn Library to return the bread cookbooks I took out a few weeks ago before heading back over to Uncle Ken's. (I'm not going to get to library volunteering this week. It was too late to run over there by the time I finally finished the laundry. I'll just pick it up again next week.)

We had dinner at the same place we did for my birthday, only Rose got a candle in a heavy chocolate and coffee ice cream dessert. I had a wonderful rock shrimp and asparagus sauteed in a blush sauce over angel hair pasta, with fried calamari and more shrimp and asparagus for an appetizer. We all had a lovely time, and I made some interesting discoveries. My 17-year old sister Jessa just got her learner's permit last week. In fact, Dad let her drive home once we were across the White Horse Pike, and she did very well. (At least, she didn't bump into anything.) And Rose told me my 23-year-old sister Anny is pregnant again...only this time, the father not only wants to BE a father, but may be interested in marrying her.

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Tina said...

23 with two children. I can't even begin to imagine it.