Friday, May 30, 2008

Tooth Talkin'

I had my dental appointment today. I had a few fillings put in and a cleaning. Other than I needed those blasted needles again, it was no big deal and didn't take very long. I was in and out in less than an hour. It's also my last appointment until late August. Dr. Hyder gave me a toothbrush-like tool with a rounded brush that sticks out like one of those individual floss things you buy in bags at the store. She says it's for cleaning around the really bad molars on my right side and to help them heal.

It was so gorgeous (and I was feeling so good about being done with the dentist for three months), I went for a walk after I got out. The sky was a beautiful blue, it was warm but not humid, and it was windy enough that it wasn't killer-hot. I had a pleasant walk down to Manor and up Kendall Boulevard, all over my neighborhood.

Not surprisingly, given the gorgeous weather and this being the end of the month, work was steady-to-dead, with no personnel problems. I had one very annoying older woman who had almost every single item in her cart in produce bags and kept fussing about double-bagging her groceries. (Her son was a big guy. I'm sure he could have handled it.)

Oh, and I just posted this month's Monkees Role-Play story, the comedy "The Car Trip." We'll hopefully be starting the next one on Tuesday and will try to be more on schedule with the stories now that Lauren is settling into her new home.

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