Sunday, May 04, 2008

In the Spring Of Things

Spent a lovely, quiet morning at home, listening to the Beatles show (live Beatles performances were the theme today) and reading the new Maisie Dobbs book Pardonable Lies. I loved the first two, and so far, this one is just as enjoyable. I tried calling Mom, but she'd apparently spent most of the night and early morning at Lower Cape May Regional High School's After-Prom Party (which she helped to organize) and was dead tired. I'll call her again tomorrow.

The morning began cloudy, but by the time the last note of "Roll Over Beethoven" drifted across the park to the river, it was perfectly sunny and in the lower 70s. There was a bit of a chill to the wind that kept it from getting too warm. I walked over to CVS to buy shampoo and really, just to get out. I wasn't the only one out enjoying the sunshine. The sidewalks teemed with kids on bikes, joggers, walkers, and parents pushing strollers.

Work was just as crazy as last Sunday, if not more so. I had some obnoxious beginning of the month people I wanted to throttle (don't they ever pay attention to the signs, or do they just assume the price is what they want?), and I had no relief and a long line. I don't know why there was someone in at 6PM, but not 6:15. I just barely made it out on time.

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