Wednesday, January 04, 2012

The End of the Holiday Season

Spent the morning and early afternoon taking down the last of the Christmas decorations. Did the garlands first. They're going into the Santa Bag this year to save some room, instead of a crate. The wreath for the front door and the plaid ribbon that hangs on the door to my bedroom also go in the Santa Bag, as do small items that go out first, like the mistletoe and holiday-themed linens. (The poinsettia placemats need to be washed and will be put away next week.)

When the Santa Bag had been returned to the back room, it was time to change the dolls into their winter clothes. Samantha now wears her Gray Flannel "Buster Brown" School Dress with black flats and her thick black stockings from her "Meet" outfit. Molly wears her "Meet" argyle sweater and blue felt skirt with her saddle shoes and Springfield Collection white stockings. Felicity's now in her green military-inspired Riding Outfit and tri-cornered hat. I got more creative with Jessa. She wears the thick black corduroys from the 1996 First Day Meet Outfit, the hi-top sneakers from the original mid-90s "Blue Jean Basics," the reversible magenta and blue vest and magenta scrunchie from the 1995 Mix-and-Match Meet outfit, the white socks from Molly's Polka-Dot Outfit, and an eBay find navy turtleneck. The Sailor Soldiers were all put back in their regular uniforms and dresses.

It took me longer to do all that than I thought it would. I ate a quick lunch of leftovers and barely got to work on time! Work was busy during the usual 4-6 rush hour, but it faded very quickly after that. It was a bit of a pain, too. Lots of annoying beginning-of-the-month customers. I was so happy when I finally finished and headed home.

There was a surprise waiting for me when I got in. The new American Girl catalog that shows off this year's "Girl of the Year" doll McKenna and one of my two online Barnes and Noble orders, Samantha's Cooking Studio, had arrived. McKenna's theme is gymnastics. The doll isn't different enough for me to buy, but some of her outfits are cute. And I can't wait to make the delicious gingerbread recipe!

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