Friday, January 06, 2012

Surprise Fire In the Sky

Started a sunny day in the 40s with a quick run to the Acme for my paycheck and groceries. I normally do it after work on Fridays when I have a shift, but I didn't get off until 9:30 tonight. I had to restock flour, eggs, cheese (mozzarella this time), and Smart Balance Spread sticks (which Acme has on clearance). Needed lots of fruit, including tangerines, grapefruit, pears (on sale), and raspberries (for Flummery). I also grabbed a bag of Betty Crocker Gingerbread Cookie Mix. The sale wasn't great, but it was the last bag on the shelf. I may or may not see it again after the last bag is gone, so I might as well enjoy them while I can.

Spent the rest of the afternoon at my place. I had leftovers and Raspberry Flummery for lunch.  I made the bed. I aired out the rag rug in my bedroom. I vacuumed the apartment. I put all of the manuals and warranties for various electronics and collectable items in the file folder I bought earlier this week. I talked to my brother, Keefe, who will be leaving for the Navy this weekend. He was playing Wii Dance with his parents and his girlfriend Vicki.

It was rush hour when I got back to work. It was busy up through my break at quarter after 6, but it was steady to quiet thereafter. I left a tiny bit early with no relief and no need for one.

As I rode home, I saw what looked like sparkling red and blue lights on the Black Horse Pike near West Collingswood. I couldn't figure out what was going on until I heard noisy booms coming from the other side of Peter Creek, near where I'd seen the police cars. Much to my surprise, I had a perfect view on my porch of some really lovely fireworks. I have no idea why there were fireworks, but it did make for a rather nice Epiphany treat. 

Oh, and I did get my schedule tonight. On one hand, I don't have another day off until Thursday, which is going to be a pain. On the other hand, I also have Saturday off, and the latest I work is 8 on Wednesday.

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