Saturday, January 07, 2012

Spring Into Winter

It was almost in the 60s when I finally made it out late this morning. Actually, I slept in for a lot of the morning. When I went out to the Oaklyn Library, it was much too warm for my heavy winter coat and the fur-lined boots Mom gave me for Christmas! I was sweating during my entire errand run. I organized DVDs and children's books and pulled out snow-themed books for a display in the children's area at the Library. I deposited my paycheck into the ATM machine at the bank (the tellers were closed by the time I finally got there). I made a quick stop at WaWa for milk and a half of a 16-ounce root beer Icee.

When I got home, I  had peanut butter on celery and fruit for lunch and watched Scooby Doo on Zombie Island, one of several DVDs I bought in the late fall that kind of got lost in the holiday shuffle. The first (and often considered to be the best) of the Scooby Doo direct-to-DVD/video movies brings the gang back together after a couple of years' separation when Daphne wants their help seeking a real ghost for her TV show. She gets more than she - and everyone - bargained for when a trip to the Louisiana bayous proves to be just a little too spooky for comfort...and the zombies that start popping up aren't robots or humans in masks...

Unlike most versions of Scooby Doo, this one goes in for genuine scares. No, there's no blood, but those zombies aren't pretty...and they are played as real. Genuinely frightening monsters and voodoo curses makes this inappropriate for the youngest Scooby fans, but pre-teens and older grade schoolers will probably enjoy it more than the recent films with the usual people-in-masks.

I finished the last household budget of 2011 with just enough time to pack dinner and hurry off to work. Work was busy when I got in, steady-to-quiet when I left. I spent the last half-hour putting candy away.

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