Friday, January 13, 2012

Getting Physical

I ignored the gale-force winds that sent everyone else in the area scurrying this morning and made a quick run to the Oaklyn Library. No, there wasn't much going on there, either. I organized a few DVDs, rearranged some of the picture books, and took a good look at the children's non-fiction and young adult section.

When I got home, I had Ham and Pasta Soup for lunch and ran two East Side Kids movies, Docks of New York and Bowery Champs. Despite their titles, both have a lot in common with later Bowery Boys episodes. Champs has Mugs McGinnis and another kid (Gabe Dell) working for a local newspaper. They discover that a singer is accused of killing her husband...but Mugs isn't so sure that she did it. Docks also involves a mystery. In this case, the Kids are helping a young woman who is the rightful princess of an overthrown country in Europe regain her throne.

I left for work about an hour earlier than usual to pick up my paycheck and do something I've been meaning to for a while. I've looked at the Lucile Roberts, a gym exclusively for women, in the Audubon Crossings Shopping Center before. Normally, I don't like gyms. I'd rather be outside. One yoga class, a couple of walks, and bike riding doesn't seem to be cutting it anymore, though. I've regained almost all of the weight I lost over the past few years. I really need to try something else, and I don't want to go back to Weight Watchers. They were having a really good membership sale, too. I caved in and signed up for the basic 2-year membership.

When I rode over to work, since I had some extra time, I got my schedule first. Not bad. Pretty much the same as last week, only I work late on Friday. That's my only late day, though. Once again, I have Thursday and Saturday off.

Work wasn't too bad when I came in, but rush hour brought huge crowds. We're having another big 3-day-sale. This is also the first major holiday weekend of the year after the Yuletide festivities end and the first time since New Year's that many people have had a chance to really shop.

I had my own stocking up to do after work. I mainly needed produce - pears, grapefruit, strawberries (they're on sale), collard greens, broccoli (also on sale), and romaine lettuce. Thought I'd try using fruit juice concentrate for baked goods experiments again, too. Also needed Smart Balance spread (still on clearance) and yogurt. Replaced the lock for my locker at work. The store is clamping down on leaving lockers unlocked, and my old lock had been yanked around so much, the dial came off.

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