Monday, January 30, 2012

The Roar of the Dryers

The laundry was the big thing today. I finally made it there around quarter after 11. I think I waited too long. It was very busy, with lots of families and other people folding clothes and chattering to each other. I got the last available washer! I had an easier time getting the new dryers. They're smaller than the old dryers, and they don't get as hot. There's a row on the top and a row on the bottom. I used a top one, but that may have been a bad idea. I could barely reach it. I think I'll try to use the bottom ones from now on.

When I got home, I put the laundry away, then put on The Great Gatsby while making Chicken-Tomato-Vegetable Soup from leftovers for lunch. This is the 1974 adaptation of the famous F. Scott Fitgerald novel. Robert Redford is the mysterious title character; Mia Farrow is his great lost love, Daisy. A young Sam Watterson narrates and plays Gatsby's neighbor. We see Gatsby and his world of the roaring 20s through Watterson's eyes. I love this movie, but then, I also like the book. (I know there was a version in the 40s with Alan Ladd that wasn't well-received; there was apparently also a silent film with Warner Baxter made in 1926 that has since been lost.)

It was chilly and sunny when I headed to work, but the wind from the weekend had largely died down. This was reflected at work; it was steady during rush hour, quiet and very dull the rest of the night.

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