Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Angels of the Bowery

My one and only chore today was a quick run to the laundromat. Thankfully, it wasn't busy when I came in. I had a lot to wash, including the blanket I laid on during the fireworks in Newton River Park last week. There was just one other family cooing over a new baby and me and The View when I was there. I grabbed my clothes as soon as I could and hurried home.

It was hot and humid again, though not as sunny or as hot as yesterday. Heavier clouds and a nice, stiff wind helped. It was hot enough to scare off our customers. Work was quiet for most of the afternoon, with cranky customers who weren't crazy about the heat. It did pick up during rush hour, but even that wasn't nearly as bad as usual. We're past the beginning of the month, and there won't be another major holiday until early September. I was in and out with no major problems.

I ran more Bowery Boys movies when I got home and after I finished the laundry. The hilarious western spoof Bowery Buckaroos is one of my favorites in the series, and probably my favorite of the early ones with Bobby Jordan. Sach dreams that the Boys head out to the Old West to prove that their favorite soda shop owner Louie didn't kill a man. Gabe Dell, an on-again, off-again member, goes on ahead as a gambler and falls for a no-nonsense cowgirl.

Angels Alley is mostly pure melodrama and isn't nearly as fun. When two pals of theirs (later series regulars Bennie Bartlett and Buddy Gorman) are sent up the river for stealing a car, the Boys jump into stopping a car ring from hiring young men to do their dirty work. Slip almost takes the rap for his no-good cousin (Frankie Darro), then takes Sach and the others undercover to find out how the ring operates.

And my positive thought for the night is...if a guy like Slip Mahoney can make justice come through, a girl like me can do just about anything. ; )

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