Thursday, July 03, 2014

Sit Down, You're Rocking the Congress

It was once again muggy and hot when I got up this morning, if not quite as deadly hot as yesterday. I had my breakfast, then headed out around 11:30 for today's errands. My first stop was the Oaklyn Library. Surprisingly, despite the heat, it wasn't busy there. I mainly worked in the children's section, organizing the board books, putting picture books in the right places, and looking the DVDs over.

I headed out around 12:20, making a brief stop at WaWa for a grape-cherry Icee and to get money out of the ATM machine. I then hurried first to Kayla's Ice Cream to finish my Icee, then across the street to catch the bus to the Cherry Hill Mall. Eventually. A bus that should have been there by about 12:50 or so didn't show up until nearly 1:40. Two buses going in the other direction passed by during that time! Needless to say, I was not happy. That was the only bad thing that happened on the way there. Otherwise, there was no traffic and no problems.

I wasn't at the Mall for that long. I still don't need clothes badly. I first went to Game Stop to return M&M Racing. I just don't like how the controls handle with that one. I only got 60 cents for it, but hey, it's still money. I walked around for a little while; briefly looked at Disney Store and at Macy's, the latter for backpacks. The vinyl strap on the backpack I bought at Rue 21 broke two weeks ago. The backpacks at Macy's were too expensive. I finally bought a nice one at JC Penney's for about $32. It's another southwestern-themed backpack, this time with two large pockets in the front and thick, sturdy, wide cloth and woven fabric straps.

I took the 4:25 bus back to Westmont. Ironically, considering it was rush hour, the bus was actually a few minutes early this time! There was a little traffic by the Market Place shopping center and around the bridge into Westmont, but otherwise, I had no problem getting home. Stopped at WaWa on the way back to the apartment for a pretzel.

When I got in, I played Kirby Dream Collection for a little while, then worked on Super Paper Mario. I got a bit further on Melee's mansion, at least past the locked door at the end of the first floor. I'm now trying to figure out how to earn 1,000,000 rubees to appease Mimi after breaking her vase. Something's fishy here...

Started 1776 while making chicken-pasta salad for dinner. I only got half-way through, but I'm rather enjoying this musical look at the history of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Who knew John Adams was the master of sarcasm, or Ben Franklin was hilarious? I do wish it was a little more musical, but I think a couple of musical numbers may have been cut (this was originally a Broadway show).

Oh, and it did rain, and rain hard, earlier this evening while I was playing Mario. However, the rain was brief, and to my knowledge, it hasn't rained since. Hurricane Arthur is supposed to be coming by here - we'll see what happens tonight and tomorrow.


Linda said...

No, if you have the DVD that's the entire score. Did you get to "He Plays the Violin"? That's the song I used to dance to with Bandit.

Emma said...

Ok; I was wondering. I do have the DVD. And I did think of you and Bandit when I bought this. I haven't gotten to "Played the Violin" yet - I'll finish it tomorrow before Oaklyn's parade. :)