Sunday, July 06, 2014

The Summer Goes Rolling Along

I slept until quarter after 11. I had to do a bit of rushing this morning, given that I worked at 1. I ran my Yankee Doodle Mickey LP while making some tasty blackberry pancakes for breakfast. This 1980 kids' record is mostly recordings of kids or the Disney characters or the Disney chorus singing beloved songs about America, like "Yankee Doodle Dandy" and "This Land Is Your Land." A very young Molly Ringwauld performs several numbers, including "God Bless America" and "This Is My Country." The other song written for the LP is "The Liberty Tree," performed by the Disneyland Chorus. I get a kick of the Armed Forces Medley that has Mickey representing the Air Force and the Marines, Goofy representing the Army, and of course, Donald singing for the Navy.

Rushed off to work not long after the record ended. Once again, it was busy for most of the afternoon, likely for the same reasons as Friday - it's still the beginning of the month, and this is one of the few days many people can shop. Other than a few small customer problems and my relief was late, I was in and out.

Since it's still a nice day (though a bit warmer than yesterday), I stopped at Leo's Yum Yums for a special end-of-the-holiday-weekend treat. I had a watermelon Yum Yum, a creamier, grittier water ice. Ooh, that was good. It really tasted like very sweet, ripe watermelon. I watched kids chat and a little girl eat ice cream with her daddy.

When I got in, I went right into a cooling bath. It felt nice to relax for an hour or so, after the long holiday week. After I got out, I had the last of the chicken salad on a bed of farm market red romaine lettuce while listening to the first disc of  my America the Beautiful LP. Released in 1986 to honor the restoration of the Statue of Liberty, I listen to this on or around every patriotic holiday. In addition to some of the same songs as the Disney record, there's several symphonic pieces, notably "On the Trail" from "The Grand Canyon Suite" and "American Salute."

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