Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Hot Time for Laundry

Began the late morning by finishing off Gumby. "Gumby Racer" pits Gumby and Pokey against the bullying Blockheads in a race across the countryside. While the Blockheads do everything they can to cheat, Gumby and Pokey just keep on rolling. "Sad King Ott's Daughter" has Gumby and Pokey using their new ball that can morph into anything to rescue the title character's daughter from the evil Black Knight. "The Glob" is a mound of clay Gumby was sculpting that somehow turns into a monster that eats everything in sight! Gumby and Pokey hit the western book Pokey came from to figure out how to pacify the clay creature.

I didn't get to the laundromat until nearly noon. It was hot and more humid than yesterday, but still not horrible. There was a wonderful breeze that felt good as I was walking there. It wasn't busy today at all, other than the managers fixing a recalcitrant washer and refilling one of the coin machines. By the time more people were arriving, my small load was nearly out of the dryer.

When I got home, I quickly threw on the Bowery Boys while I put away my clothes and had lunch. Gumby and Pokey aren't the only ones to rescue royalty. In Spy Chasers, Louie is called on by the King and Princess of Truvania to hold half of a coin that'll identify a courier bringing word of revolution in their home country. The Boys and Louie are delighted to help. Sach runs into trouble when he falls for the Princess' lady in waiting, who turns out to be one of the spies of the title who are determined to end the revolution and keep the king off his throne.

Work was very quiet for most of the night, and even the 4PM rush hour could have been worse. It's just as well. The Acme is in the midst of cleaning the stores' floors. They did the back storage area yesterday. The lockers were still shoved way in the back when I arrived. I had to store my things in the employees' lounge until they were returned. The stock boys and managers were moving candy shelves and soda machines and sweeping and cleaning under them when I left.

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