Sunday, July 13, 2014

On the Dark Chocolate Side

I opened my eyes and stretched this morning, as I always do...and was shocked when I turned to my bedside clock and it said 11 AM! I had to be at work by noon! I didn't have enough time to write in my journal or read. I was able to make some tasty Raspberry Lemon Pancakes for breakfast and listen to one of Bruce Springsteen's early albums on his summer adventures in Asbury Park, The Wild, the Innocent, and the E-Street Shuffle, before rushing off to work.

Work wasn't too bad for a Sunday afternoon. It was steady, but not nearly overwhelming as it has been the last few days. We had plenty of help and no real problems besides some mildly cranky customers. My relief was a high school girl who was exactly on time.

When I got home, I changed into regular clothes, then spent an hour or so finishing the Nancy Drew book The Clue of the Leaning Chimney and writing in my journal. I ran the soundtrack from Eddie and the Cruisers while making a ham steak, salad, and the last of the zucchini for dinner. The movie and the soundtrack have long been favorites of mine. (I'd like to look up the book again as well; it's out of print, but I might run into it online.) Eddie and the Cruisers is a fictional Jersey Shore band whose hard-driving leader pushes them for a harder, cooler sound, then disappears in a car accident as they're on the verge of major success. This was the music of my childhood; my family wore out our old LP. There's a lot of South Jersey references, and most of the movie was actually filmed in South and Central New Jersey, mainly Somers Point, Ocean City, Asbury Park, and Atlantic City.

It was the perfect night for a short walk to Leo's Yum Yums. Though it was humid, it also wasn't that hot, and there was a nice wind that kept things from feeling worse. I got in line behind a mom and her two daughters while I decided what flavors I wanted for my gelati. Gelati is water ice and soft serve ice cream layered in one cup. I got lucky; they use Yum Yums (a creamy, gritty water ice) for geliatis as well as the regular stuff. I had chocolate soft-serve layered with their new chocolate banana Yum Yum. Oooh, that felt nice. The Yum Yum wasn't very chocolate-y, but the ice cream was, and the banana part was sweet and candy-like.

For some reason, ice cream parlors like to follow me. When I lived in Wildwood, I also didn't have to go far for a cheap ice cream fix. There was a small ice cream parlor on the Boardwalk a few blocks from me that had over 100 flavors of soft serve at one time. I adored their Chocolate Mint Patty ice cream. There was an ice cream parlor in North Cape May near our house too, Rainbow Ice Cream. They sold Breyers; I began my love affair with Breyers' cherry vanilla there.

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