Friday, July 18, 2014

It's a Beautiful Day

It remained absolutely gorgeous when I got up this morning. I took advantage of the nice weather to bake a Chocolate Raspberry Chip Cake while watching more Bowery Boys. Slip and Sach are in Triple Trouble after they and the others stop a robbery and are accused of the crime. Gadgeteer genius Whitey overhears another robbery being announced on his ham radio, which gives Slip an idea. He and Sach plead guilty and befriend the real robbers in prison in order to flush them out. But when their cover is blown and Whitey hears about a planned jailbreak, it's up to their friends and lawyer Gabe Moreno to save the day.

Work was pretty much the same as the rest of the week - mildly busy during rush hours, quiet for the remaining day. Most people are probably on vacation, enjoying the gorgeous weather while they can. I was in and out with no problems other than the occasional cranky customer.

I got out just in time to ride over to Sonic for a lovely outdoor dinner. I wasn't the only one who opted to eat in the fresh breeze and sunshine tonight. The patio was packed, with three families and two older people all in the midst of eating while I was there. I enjoyed a cheeseburger, tater tots, and my favorite cherry limeade while listening to the people chattering around me and the music over their station. (Heard "Snoopy and the Red Baron" at one point; can't remember the last time I heard that one!)

Grocery shopping was next on the list. I'm not going to make it to the farm market this week or next week, so I restocked produce I needed, like peaches, zucchini, and blueberries. Bought more of the Smart Balance butter on clearance. Picked up skim milk, which I ran out of this morning. Quaker cereals are buy one, get one - I went with my favorite Oatmeal Squares, in cinnamon and brown sugar. Replaced the box of cake mix I used this morning. Grabbed single fish fillet packs and chicken drumsticks (otherwise, the chicken sales weren't very good).

I'm not terribly happy with my schedule next week. Good news - Monday and Thursday off. Otherwise, it's all very late or very early hours. I work 2 to 9:30 on Tuesday, then 9 to 3 on Wednesday! I'm not looking forward to it at all.

I cheered myself up with one of the Garfield travel-themed specials when I got home. Garfield In Paradise takes the famous fat cat and his owner to Paradise Island. Their vacation doesn't begin well, with rough plane travel and cheap hotel rooms making Garfield wish he'd stayed at home. Things begin to look up when they rent a gorgeous vintage 50s car...that leads them right to a tribe of 50s-worshiping natives and a volcano that's about to explode!

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