Monday, July 28, 2014

Three Is a Magic Number

Once again, I began the day with an early work shift...and once again, it was dead for most of the day. It got mildly busy during the noon rush hour. By the time the dinner rush hour was just starting around 3PM, my (late) relief was arriving. There were no major problems other than some annoying or obnoxious customers, and I was in and out.

I watched more Schoolhouse Rock before work and as I was changing into regular clothes afterwards. Multiplication Rock was one of the earliest sets, covering basic math. Science Rock went into everyday science concepts, such as how the body works or how electricity is made. The sweet ballad "Three Is a Magic Number" is probably the most famous of the math episodes, but my personal favorite is the ethereal "Figure Eight," performed by cabaret singer Blossom Dearie. My favorite Science Rock number is Lynn Aherns' "Interplanet Janet," the catchy tale of an intergalactic baseball team traveling from planet to planet, looking for good places to play games.

I finally got out to the laundromat around quarter of 5. It was a gorgeous night for a walk. By 5, the sun was out, the humidity was lower, and there was a nice, cool wind. There were quite a few kids out and about, riding bikes or playing baseball in their yards, waiting for their parents to come home from work. That could be why the laundromat was busy, too. It wasn't bad when I came in, but by the time I left, I was dodging four people and at least one family with kids.

I was just happy to get home and make leftovers for dinner. Ran more Bowery Boys as I ate. They buy a detective agency and become Private Eyes after Sach is hit on the head by a local kid and gains the ability to read minds. Even Sach's newfound ability may not help them when a beautiful blond runs in their office and says she's being followed...and turns out to be involved in a fur-theft racket. The boys go undercover at a sanitarium to find the blond and the kid after the crooks kidnap him, too.

And while we had a whopper of a storm around midnight last night, we still haven't seen any rain today. It'll probably show up late again.

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