Friday, July 25, 2014

Comedy This Afternoon

It was absolutely gorgeous today. The sun was shining, the breeze was blowing, and it was probably no more than the lower 80s, with no humidity whatsoever. All of this added up to a very, very quiet morning at work. Other than a few annoying customers, we had no problems whatsoever. I spent a lot of the morning standing around bored. I got off as soon as my relief arrived.

I didn't leave right away, though. I had a little grocery shopping to do. There were a few things I needed to restock, like brown sugar, seasoned chicken fillets, and whole wheat bread. The Pepperidge Farm Goldfish are on sale for a dollar. I enjoyed the French Toast Goldfish Grahams so much, I bought two more bags, in Vanilla Cupcake and Fudge Cupcake. Since the Dr. Oekter mousse mixes and Cool Whip were on sale, I bought two boxes of dark chocolate mousse mix and a chocolate cookie crust to make mousse pie. The Acme is selling these tasty cinnamon twists for a dollar for a 4-pack, too. Thought I'd try that as my special Friday treat.

I'm not terribly happy with my schedule next week. While I have the same amount of hours I usually do at this time of year, they're all very early, as early as 8AM! On the other hand, I also have Wednesday and Thursday off. I'll be able to get to the Westmont Farm Market again and maybe do something else fun if the weather's nice.

When I did finally get home, I changed, then put everything away. I made a Dark Chocolate Raspberry Mousse Pie while as I watched more Bowery Boys. Bowery Battalion was the first of four movies where the Boys end up in the Armed Services. The boys join the Army after a mock air drill makes them think they're being invaded. They're not very good soldiers, but they find themselves having to get their act together when spies kidnap Louie in order to get his plans for a new military weapon.

Switched from the Bowery Boys to Laurel and Hardy as I made baked chicken breasts with molasses spices and Italian zucchini with tomatoes and onion for dinner. Stage actor Dennis King plays The Devil's Brother, an Italian outlaw who masquerades as a marquis in order to steal jewels from the nobility. While King tries to romance a huge payment out of the wife of a nobleman (Thelma Todd), Stan and Ollie act as his assistants...then decide they want to catch the Devil's Brother themselves.

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