Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Late Afternoon Harvest In Westmont

I began today at work. My early work shift was exactly the same as my late work shift last night - steady during rush hour, quiet the rest of the day. Most people are probably on vacation. Other than a few cranky customers and my relief being slightly late, I got in and out with no trouble.

When I got in, I changed into regular clothes and finished out Spy Chasers....then went right back out. Despite the heat and humidity (it got into the lower 90s here today) and my late night last night, I still wanted to try something. There's a farm market in Westmont every Wednesday evening from May to October. I've never been able to get there. I usually work between 4 and 7 on Wednesdays, and even when I'm home by 4, I'm often too tired to deal with the traffic. Not to mention, I usually attend Collingswood's farm market. This week, though, I once again work too early on Saturday to make it to Collingswood. With the weather holding out, the time seemed to be ripe to give Westmont's market a try.

After a quick stop at the WaWa in Collingswood for a bottled chilled mocha cappuccino and to use the ATM machine, I headed down Haddon Avenue to Westmont. The Farm Market is on Stratford Avenue between two blocks of businesses, across from Primo's Water Ice. They're not nearly as big as Collingswood. They only cover one block, and not even all of that. The big attraction, in addition to farm stands, are a lot more food booths with a far more varied menu than Collingswood has. This market does take place during the dinner hour. There's also a few more craft booths, which you don't often see at Collingswood during the summer.

The only vendor I recognized from Collingswood was the farm stand that sells the Chinese long beans. I love those. They have great tomatoes, too. I also ended up with an eggplant, cherries, white peaches, red potatoes, and a purple and white bell pepper, which I've never seen before. Tried Sweet Pea Ice Cream's Cupcake flavor; expensive, but so worth it. Tasted like Haagen Daas makes cake. Bought a huge bottle of water for the ride home.

I made flounder and Chinese beans for dinner while watching the second Police Academy film, Their First Assignment. Mahoney and the rest of the graduates from the first film have been assigned to the roughest, toughest neighborhood in their hometown. Hooks isn't thrilled to be on desk duty; the others aren't happy with their new partners. (Except for Tackleberry, who falls hard for the beautiful Kirkland, who's just as gun-crazy as him.) Captain Pete Lassard (Howard Hesseman) is desperate to control the crime in his area, especially the out-of-control gang leader Zed (Bobcat Golthwait). After he and Hightower are suspended, Mahoney goes undercover to infiltrate the gangs. This one is probably best known for introducing the totally insane Zed and nerdy Sweetchuck, who is seen throughout the movie as a shop owner who keeps getting battered by the cops and the gangs.

For all my frustration with my schedule this week, it's probably a good thing I worked late last night and not tonight. It didn't start storming here until around 8:30. It seems to be gone now, but we'll see how things go.

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