Friday, January 22, 2016

Beating the Snow to the Punch

Started a gray, cold morning with Charlie's arrival. Yes, the heater was fixed, and it was working. I wanted to linger in bed, since the apartment was still chilly, but that wasn't possible. I had early work. I ate as quickly as I could, but I still left a bit late.

Not a good thing. As you can imagine, the Acme was crazy today, especially early on. As of right now, they're talking about anything from 12 inches to two feet of snow here. I really don't see the point of the fussing. Sure, it'll snow tomorrow, but it's supposed to get in the 40's by next week. It'll be at least three-fourths gone by next Friday. Thankfully, it did calm down a bit later in the afternoon. Didn't help that, thanks to those cut hours, we didn't have anything resembling enough help. I did stay a half-hour longer - the line could have been worse. Customers were cranky, too. I just think that after the weather was so ridiculously warm last month, everyone assumed it would continue...and are annoyed that no, we don't live in Florida, and yes, it is winter in New Jersey, and snow will happen.

Lines or no lines, I had shopping to do after work. No, it wasn't for bread, milk, or eggs. I have plenty of eggs, bought milk last week, and don't eat a lot of bread anyway. I mostly restocked produce - apples, carrots, grapefruit, bananas, and a bag of vegetable stir fry veggies. Needed peanut butter, jam (the Acme generic organic preserves were the cheapest brand they had with real sugar), canned no salt added tomato sauce, canned chicken, navy beans, and cereal (Honey Bunches of Oats was on sale). Treated myself to four of the small Land o' Lakes Gourmet hot chocolate packets.

My schedule for next week, much to my dismay, is almost the same as this week...with pretty much the same days off. Still not enough hours, too. I hope the W-2s come soon. These paychecks are not going to be enough to sustain me.

When I finally got home, I put everything away, then went on the computer. Babes In WENNLand is slowly but surely finishing. Santa has assigned Floretta (Eugenia) and the gypsies to take Barnaby and the trolls to the Forest of No Return and leave them there. Scott asks for his permission to marry Betty, which he grants.

Rose called while I was finishing up with writing. She was worried. She didn't want me to go to work tomorrow. I have to. I can't afford to take time off. I'll lose money. I'll walk. She fussed, saying I wouldn't be able to see and other cars wouldn't be able to see me. I wish she wouldn't worry. It's not like I haven't walked to work in the snow before. I told her I'd call her in the morning and we'd see what the snow looked like.

And speaking of the snow, it finally started around 7:30. It's been going ever since. It doesn't look bad. We do have several inches as of now - though I don't think it's a foot. I've heard the snow plows all evening. The real problem right now is less snow and more gusty winds, which I can also hear.

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