Thursday, January 07, 2016

When Traumatized, Some Women Knit; I Type

I was up a little, er, late last night looking at Star Wars music videos on YouTube. Hey, some women work out trauma with talking. I write and watch music videos using the same six clips, but they're entertaining every time. Han Solo's been my favorite Star Wars character since I was four; he was my first crush. I meant it when I said the ending of Force Awakens nearly killed me. It was past 10:30 before I got moving.

(And yes, I'm planning some Star Wars fanfiction, entirely based around the original trilogy. I don't know the prequels or cartoons well enough to write about them. As much as I enjoyed Force Awakens, beyond what I just mentioned, I think I'd really rather let that one run its own course before I start tinkering with it. One will be a spoof of 80's movies that sets the original trilogy in a John Hughes-esque high school. The other will be a fairy-tale mash-up. I'm also planning on finishing out the WENN fanfic I was working on, and at least trying to get to "Captain Victor, Man of Power." I don't know if I'll post the Star Wars stuff - that might be just for me.)

Ran Kung Fu Panda as I started breakfast. Everyone is kung-fu- fighting in this cute Dreamworks action tale, including Po (Jack Black), a roly-poly panda who wishes he could be anywhere near as cool as his heroes, martial arts group the Fearless Five. He gets his chance to be a real kung-fu master when he's somehow chosen as the Dragon Warrior, the great fighter who'll bring peace to the land. Trouble is, he's overweight, laid-back, and eager but clumsy. He's not popular with the Fearless Five - who expected to be named the Dragon Warrior - at first. When Master Shifu finally finds a way for him to learn and a fearsome former student returns to destroy them all, Po has to prove he truly has the heart of a great martial artist. One of my favorite Dreamworks animated films, creative and hilarious.

Spent the rest of the morning working on fanfics. The toy soldiers have marched into Toyland...though Jill (Hilary) wishes they'd stop blocking the view of her stage. Scott wants to know where Betty is. Seems Barnaby's made off with her...

Work was...very dead. It did pick up a bit during rush hour. Otherwise, there wasn't much going on. It's right after the holidays, and the beginning of the month folks are starting to slow down, too. It won't pick up again until Martin Luther King Jr. Weekend (unless we get snow alerts, and right now, all they're talking about is rain).

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