Thursday, January 21, 2016

Listen to the Ticking Heart

Began a quick morning with two winter-themed episodes of Sailor Moon from the first season. In the first story, Usagi and Rei compete in a Miss Moon Princess skiing competition. They hit a lot more than a rough course when it turns out to be a Negaverse plot. The second story returns to Tokyo. The Guardians are excited when a new ice skating rink opens, and two Olympic champion pair skaters are offering lessons. Their delight subsides quickly when Makoto falls for the male half, making his partner jealous...and they both turn out to be working for the Negaverse.

While work wasn't too bad when I arrived at 11, by noon, we were crazy, and we stayed that way the rest of the day. The weather reports are insane, ranging anywhere from 6 to 12 inches of snow on Saturday. They forgot one thing, though. It's supposed to get into the upper 30's-lower 40's by next week (and not really be all that cold even on Saturday). Whatever we get Saturday will probably be almost all gone by this time next week. Nobody was in the best mood, either. This is our first real snow storm of the winter season. I'm guessing everyone was hoping it would stay in the 60's, like at Christmas. (Why? It's winter. It's supposed to do this.) I was so happy when my relief was on time and I could get out as fast as I could.

When I got home, I made ground chicken meatloaf for dinner, then threw together banana muffins for meals at work this week. Watched the very odd Jack and the Cuckoo Clock Heart while I worked. Jack was born with a frozen heart, on the coldest day ever in existence. A kind midwife replaced the frozen heart with a cuckoo clock heart. She warned him that he must never let the clock run down, always take care of it, and never fall in love, for that might put undue strain on the clock. Jack's able to do the first two, but on his first day in town,  he falls in love with a beautiful young singer named Miss Andelusia. When he thinks he's killed a bully at school, he flees, meeting a magician on his way across Europe. They find Miss Andelusia at a traveling carnival. Though Jack learns much about illusion, love, and freedom from his new friends, he also learns just how difficult and how complicated learning to truly love someone can be.

This was...really strange, but rather sweet, in an odd way. It was sort of like a French Tim Burton movie, up to and including the cut-out stop-motion animation style. It's weird and a little grotesque but strangely charming. I couldn't figure out the "not precisely an ending" finale, though. Not too bad if you like animation from across the ocean or want to check out a strange but charming and very unique fairy tale.

And...darn it, I'm freezing! The heater isn't working again. I'll have to get to Charlie right before I leave tomorrow and tell him to fix it pronto. This is a bad time for it to break down.

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