Sunday, January 31, 2016

Have a Nice Sunday!

Began a sunny morning by finishing The Liveliest Art. This was one of the many, many books on the history of world cinema that popped up in the mid and late 20th century, as movies began to play first on television, then on cable and home video. I did enjoy the first half that discussed the earliest films and how different countries handled film making in the silent era. Alas, once the discussion got past the early talkies, it got far less interesting. While there are some foreign films from the 50's, 60's, and 70's I wouldn't mind checking out, the chapter on them here was dry and not overly exciting. I care even less about the "auteur theory" of the 70's - the director isn't the only person who works on a movie. They're collaborative efforts. I'm not keeping this. There are many other, more interesting books and websites I can find the same or similar information at.

I made Banana Pancakes for breakfast while diving into some of my 70's music. I felt a need for the Eagles; did their first Greatest Hits collection, the one with "Take It Easy" and "Desperado." The pancakes actually came out pretty well (though I really should have used two bananas).

Work was pretty much the same as yesterday, off-and-on steady. Given it was a Sunday and the day before the beginning of the month, it could have been far worse. There were a few annoying customers. Otherwise, no major problems. My relief was even early. I got to have more samples over in the produce/bakery/deli area as well. Tried some raisin bread from the bakery in addition to most of what was given out yesterday.

When I got home, I worked on writing for an hour. Kathleen had tried to sell her work, but the bookmakers rejected her. She doesn't feel like she's in the same league as them. She's too...different.

What's wrong with that, Darren asks? There's no real normal. Everyone is different. She's just as smart and creative as anyone else.

Decided to try something different for dinner. I baked my lobster cakes instead of pan-frying them. Had Buttermilk Rye-Wheat Bread and sauteed spinach and mushrooms with them. Listened to one of my Have a Nice Day! 70's CD's while I ate. Part of a series of forgotten (or semi-forgotten) songs from the Me Decade, I was inspired to listen to one after hearing the song "Undercover Angel" at work today. Not something I expected to hear at a grocery store! This particular volume is a favorite of mine - it also includes "Couldn't Get It Right," "I Like Dreamin'," "The Things We Do For Love," and "Gonna Fly Now (Theme From Rocky)."

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