Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Laundry Day

Started another cold but sunny day with some Fairie Tale Theatre and breakfast. "Thumbelina" is a fairly straightforward retelling of one of Hans Christian Anderson's most famous stories. The title character (Carrie Fisher) is a diminutive lass who finds herself cast out in the world when she's kidnapped by a frog to be her son's bride. She ends up underground with a grouchy scholar mole and a kindly fieldmouse and in the land of the flower fairies...but all she really wants is to go home.

Finally got the laundry in after that finished. I picked the right time. It was past noon, and almost empty except for maybe one other person. I worked on story ideas, listened to the news and The Chew, and noticed the new purple counters they seemed to have picked up in the last week. (The old turquoise ones looked better with the turquoise and white tiles, but they must have gotten too pitted and chipped to use.)

It took me a while to put everything away. I had a big load this week, given  how long I put the laundry off. When that was done, I had a quick lunch while watching Backyardigans episodes from the In the Deep DVD I picked up on Saturday. The title episode turns into an odd little Bollywood musical and spoof of Jacques Cousteau underwater documentaries. Tasha and Uniqua are two mermaids who think aquatic explorers Tyrone and Pablo are after their garden, then them. The boys are out to capture them...on film, that is.

"Save the Day" has Uniqua, Tyrone, and Pablo as harbor rescuers who keep trying to get fisherwoman Tasha out of trouble. She's less than appreciative. All she wants to do is catch a fish!

Pablo and Tyrone want their corn crop to be a "News Flash." They make what they think is a decorative circle to get it on TV. Newscasters Austin, Tasha, and Uniqua believe something very different - they think a UFO  has landed!

I hurried out to work even before "News Flash" ended. I needn't have rushed. Work was dead for most of the night. It did pick up a little bit during rush hour, but it was far from overwhelming. The continued freezing-cold temperatures and horrible traffic throughout much of Camden County (including the Black Horse Pike) contributed. It was so quiet by 7, I was able to leave quickly, even though my relief was late and probably stuck in the afore-mentioned traffic.

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