Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Market Place Adventures

Thankfully, it remained sunny as I started the day with breakfast and How I Spent My Vacation. It's summer, and the Tiny Toons are thrilled that they're finally let out of the confines of Acme Looniversity. The movie splits into several different, fairly bizarre story lines. Babs and Buster's ongoing water gun war eventually morphs into a ride down-river, dodging two groups of critters who want to eat them. Plucky comes to regret his begging to join Hampton on his family's trip to Happy World Land, which involves annoying card games, never opening windows, a very smelly uncle, and picking up killer hitchhikers. Elmyra wrecks havoc in a wild safari park, chasing every animal she can get her hands on. Fowlmouth tries to get Shirley the Loon to go to the movies with him (and makes nothing but trouble when she finally agrees), Fifi Le Fume is desperate to get the autograph of her favorite movie star, but discovers it's not worth the grief when he turns out to be not at all what she imagined.

This is another old favorite - we had the video for years. Like the regular show, a lot of the references and humor in this hasn't dated well. Many of the references will be obscure even to some people who were around then. Some of the segments work better than others. Fifi's story with the movie star is a bit cliched, while I just found Elmyra's to be annoying. The longer stories of Babs and Buster and especially Plucky's car ride from hell work somewhat better.

As much as I still enjoy it, I really only recommend it for fans of Tiny Toons and similar topical Warners animated shows from this era like Animaniacs.

Finally got the laundry done around quarter of noon. I worked on story ideas for my upcoming fanfiction while Action News droned on in the background about the snow we're supposed to be getting starting Friday. The one I'm working on now is the first of two Star Wars fanfictions I have in mind.

The year is 1983, and Student Council president Laura O'Gannon is in very big trouble. Galaxia High School in the Philadelphia suburbs is at war with the White Star Academy and its troublemaking Imperial Gang. The Gang gets their hands on her...but not before she leaves information about the Academy with two nerdy exchange students. They just happen to hide in the trunk of a station wagon owned by one Luke Walker, a shy newcomer. The three first get the help of Mr. Ben Kennally, a kind teacher who knows Laura's wealthy family. Luke knows there's no way his uncle's poky wagon will outrun the Imperial Gang, so he, Ben, and the nerds hire Hank "Solo" Solokowski and his big Cockney friend Charlie to drive them to White Star and find Laura.

Inspired by a series of Star Wars-80's high school art I found on DeviantArt, I'm going to dig deep into my childhood for this one. Along with the obvious John Hughes influences, I'm also going for the original The Karate Kid, as well as mildly fantasy-oriented 80's action comedies like Big Trouble In Little China and Back to the Future and slobs vs snobs comedies like Caddyshack and One Crazy Summer.

(The other Star Wars story I have planned goes in the opposite direction to pure fantasy. A very, very feisty maiden is locked in a tower by her wicked black knight guardian. The last thing she's expecting is to be rescued by a wanna-be stable boy-turned white knight and a cocky thief. She certainly never expected to fall for the thief, nor to pursue him until the almost literal ends of the kingdom when the black knight curses him and takes him away.)

As soon as I got home, I put everything away, then went right back out again. I wanted to head to the Market Place shopping center. I needed ink at Best Buy (it's cheaper than at Staples) and to use some coupons for Bed, Bath, and Beyond. It was still sunny when I hit the White Horse Pike to wait for the bus. The bus was on time, and there was no traffic going there at all.

It was late, past 2:30, when I finally got to lunch at Panera Bread. They were surprisingly busy for so late in the day. There wasn't a line, but there were still a lot of people in the dining area. I had a messy turkey Pannini with thick tomato slices and lots of cheese and ranch dressing and a cup of French onion soup. I didn't like the soup as much as the one I had at Applebee's a few weeks ago. While they did have Panera's home-made croutons and nice, thick onion pieces, they didn't use nearly as much cheese as Applebee's did. It was barely floating around in there.

I was in and out of most stores. Needless to say, given the weather, Wegman's was a disaster area. (And that was just the parking lot.) I bought brown sugar and two clearance Pumpkin Spice pudding mixes (I never saw them at the Acme this Christmas) and got the heck out of there. Best Buy was better. I just grabbed my ink and checked to see if they had the Sailor Moon season 2 sets. (Nope, just season 1, and only in Blu-Ray. I think I may end up ordering those online.)

Bed, Bath, and Beyond wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I've been meaning to buy new shower curtain rings. The old plastic ones came with the apartment. Two have already broken, and a couple of the others are cracking. I bought metal rings, along with a good,  heavy shower curtain and that same chocolate macaroon cookie mix I loved last year.

Ended up spending an hour or so at Barnes and Noble. Alas, I didn't see anything I absolutely needed to have. They didn't have any of the new American Girl books in, even for the new Girl of the Year. Nothing good in the Bargain Priced shelves, either. I walked out with nothing.

Once again, the bus was on time. While there was a little traffic going back, it wasn't anything out of the ordinary at rush hour. I got off at the former Camden Restaurant Supply Company building at around 6 and was taking out the trash by 6:30.

I finished out Tiny Toons while I made the chocolate macaroon bars. Did a quick 80's cartoon special while I ate leftovers for dinner. Rescue at Midnight Castle (aka Firefly's Adventure) was the very first My Little Pony cartoon. It's a lot darker than one might think of for a franchise about rainbow-colored horses. A young girl named Megan is recruited to help a group of magical ponies rescue their comrades from an evil demon who has turned them into dragons. The dragons will pull his chariot, helping to bring around an endless night. Megan and the ponies have to find the "Rainbow of Light" that'll defeat the demon.

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