Saturday, January 09, 2016

Spontaneous Winter Picnic

Today, I made sure I got up at a far more normal 8:30-ish. Staying up until 4 every night just didn't feel right. I did the winter-themed Sailor Moon movie while I ate breakfast. Sailor Moon S: Hearts In Ice focuses on Usagi's cat Luna. She's found one day by a handsome scientist who has just discovered a new comet. Turns out the "comet" actually belongs to the evil Princess Snow Kaguya, who wants to freeze the Earth and claim it for her own...but  not if the Sailor Guardians can stop her!

Spent the next couple of hours work on fanfiction and reading Star Wars fanfiction. I'm definitely going to do the high school thing, but I'm debating between fairy tales or trying for a swashbuckler like my Adventures of the Crimson Blade story. We'll see how I feel. I have an original fairy tale I want to write first, and I really, really need to finish Babes In WENNland - I keep getting distracted. And there's Once Upon a Time In the Land of WENN to finish.

Did a quick Backyardigans episode while eating leftovers for lunch. "The Snow Fort" is what Canadian Mounties Tyrone and Pablo are protecting in this first season episode. More specifically, they're guarding the giant snowball inside it. Uniqua and Tasha are ski patrollers who think the boys need to be rescued. The boys think they're after their snowball and try to keep them out, even as the girls keep figuring out ways to get in.

It was surprisingly warm when I rode to work, in the lower 50's. That wasn't the reason we were busy for most of the evening, though. Everyone was buying tickets for that $900 million jackpot...and staying to buy dinner. Thankfully, other than some mildly annoying customers and a few WIC check problems, there was no major trouble, and my relief was on time. It was slowing down by the time I was done, anyway.

It was still so warm when I finished, I decided to have dinner at Sonic. I haven't eaten there in ages. Despite it being 6 PM, I was the only one at the patio when I arrived. (I think there were a few people in the parking lot, though.) I just had a simple, tasty meal of a burger, tater tots, and my favorite cherry limeade. It was a bit chilly, but the breeze felt nice in my hair.

Though the clouds came as early as around 3PM, it didn't finally start raining (I even heard some rumbles of thunder) until about 20 minutes ago. I'm glad I'm off tomorrow. If the rain stops, I'll go for a walk or over to Dad's house. If it doesn't, I'll clean and write all day. I don't often get a Sunday off.

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