Sunday, January 03, 2016

It's All Right With Me

It was another beautiful, sunny day when I finally awoke this morning. I read Roller Skates, then wrote in my journal and made a quick breakfast of Sweet Milk Pancakes. (I'm out of buttermilk.) Listened to the soundtrack for The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band while I ate. There's a few more songs on here than on the kids' album I have, including a solo early on for Leslie Ann Warren, "The Happiest Girl In the World," and two political-based numbers for the Election Day party in the second half. I'm just happy to have the wonderful original version of "Ten Feet Off the Ground" featuring the whole family and Warren and John Davidson's charming rendition of "'Bout Time."

Work was busy for the first hour or so when I arrived. The moment the Eagles game started at 1, the crowds ended. It was steady, but not as overwhelmingly busy as it had been. There were some annoying beginning of the month people who were rude and wouldn't help do anything. Other than that, there were no major problems. My relief was late, but it had calmed down enough by 4 PM for me to shut down on my own.

(Oh, and despite the interim coach and all the problems they had this season, the Eagles did manage to end on a high note and beat the also-done Giants 35-30.)

It was still a beautiful day when I got out of work. The sun shown like a golden jewel. The sky was as blue as a robin's egg. It was windy and chilly, probably in the lower 40's, but nothing that's out of the ordinary for early January in Southern New Jersey. The traffic on Nicholson Road was fairly heavy, but I didn't mind the ride. It felt nice to go the long way. I haven't had the chance in a while.

There was a colorful plastic bag hanging on my front door when I arrived. The one thing I just could not find yesterday was a calendar. Joe and Jessa did better than me. They ran into one for Ever After High! It's now hanging in my bedroom. I'll see if I can find one for the living room tomorrow or later this week.

When I got home, I did some writing. The kids literally hitch a ride on the toy soldiers. Lisa says she can't believe her grandfather is a magician. How does he do it? He says that's how Christmas magic is. You don't ask "how." You just go.

They arrive in in Toyland Town to find that the trolls are already wrecking havoc. They break into Jack (Jeff) and Jill's (Hilary) stage production. Jill gets angry they're disrupting her show and literally knocks them off her stage.

I had spinach and leftover turkey burgers for dinner while finishing out another soundtrack I picked up yesterday. Can-Can was originally a stage musical in the early 50's. The film retained some of the plot and most of the Cole Porter score, adding three more standards ("Let's Do It," "You Do Something To Me," and "Just One of Those Things") for a cast that included Louis Jordan, Shirley MacLaine, Frank Sinatra, Juliet Prowse, and Maurice Chevalier. Chevalier's "Just One of Those Things" and Sinatra's "It's All Right With Me" are especially charming.

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